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  1. To be an independent, national, nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to assist all regional rescue groups, and individuals in all aspects of Borzoi Rescue. 

    1. To provide assistance with rehabilitation, medical care and proper placement of any Borzoi in a rescue situation. 

  2. To maintain and provide information on all aspects of rescue as follows: 

    1. Names and phone numbers of all regional rescue groups or individuals. 

    2. A list of volunteers willing to provide foster care for rescued Borzoi. 

    3. Names of Veterinarians willing to help Borzoi Rescue with low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations and medical care. 

    4. Names of volunteers willing and able to pick-up, hold and/or deliver a rescued Borzoi to a foster home. 

  3. To provide follow-up services for: 

    1. New homes for/of rescue Borzoi 

    2. In-home visits of prospective new owners and follow up services. 

  4. To set standards for rescue groups or individuals.

  5. To raise funds to assist all rescue groups or individuals in the rescue, foster care, medical care, transportation and placement of rescued Borzoi.



Meet The Team


Vice Director

nick and me.jfif

Placement Coordinator

Placement Coordinator
Borzoi Guardian
Fundraising Coordinator
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Communications Coordinator

Founded in 1994, the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation continues as the only domestic and international rescue dedicated solely to Borzoi. From Carol Backers, the woman who selflessly dedicated herself to this magnificent breed - in her own words...

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