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No Apologies, no regrets

By Carol Backers

It will be 24 years this December that my friend and mentor Shen Smith called me after a BCOA board meeting and said that the BCOA had decided to support a national Borzoi rescue.

After much discussion, no one was willing to take on the leadership of this new endeavor and knowing how I felt about rescue, Shen nominated me and that was that... BCOA chose the name National Borzoi Rescue Foundation and donated $500 to help NBRF get started, incorporated, and insured. I was told to run with it, and run with it I did!

NBRF became my life that day as I accepted the responsibility to help all Borzoi in need find the love and security of a good home. As long as I draw breath, I will always be there for any Borzoi in need. The bottom line will always be what is best for that individual Borzoi. I do this with the memory of one very special Borzoi who truly was the love of my life. Ajax was also a gift from Shen Smith at the age of 9 1/2. Ch. Utkinton Ajax of Zencor owned my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him. I was honored and blessed to share a bond with him I have never shared with anyone else before or since - dog or human.

So it is in his name and memory that I have devoted the last 24 years of my life to rescue. Please don’t get me wrong, I love every Borzoi we have been blessed with, but Ajax was the one. We are so blessed with a breed that truly stands out from all others - sighthound or otherwise. I’ve owned several other breeds as well as one very special mix, but the Borzoi are amazing. To think of even one unwanted Borzoi in a situation of abuse or neglect ending up in a shelter for me is unbearable.

For the last 24 years, rescue has been my life and I do not regret one minute of it. Further, I do not regret or apologize for anything NBRF has done to always put the dog first or any decision made to make that happen. NBRF hasn’t been able to save every Borzoi, but we have tried our very best to never turn any Borzoi away. We will do whatever it takes to get the dog safe. I am very proud of how NBRF has grown. We are now International and have rescued Borzoi from South Korea, China, Japan, Greece and Russia. We have contacts all over the U.S. and the world and we continue to expand.

But it is time for me to step back and turn things over to others. My husband and I are retired now and although my heart will always be owned by Borzoi and Rescue, it’s time for others to carry on. I will always be there to help guide and advise but the heavy lifting will now be up to some very devoted people. I am not leaving NBRF, just stepping into a new role as an advisor.

I want to thank all the wonderful people I truly love who support NBRF. You have all made things so much easier and always put a smile on my face and in my heart knowing you are there for us. NBRF would not be able to accomplish the truly amazing things we do without your support. You are the backbone of Borzoi Rescue and NBRF. It’s all of you who actually do the heavy lifting by fostering, transporting, donating, keeping track of the websites listing Borzoi and just emailing or calling with kind words of encouragement and support. You all do what you can.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for making NBRF the truly remarkable organization it is today and for your friendship all these years. I ask you all to support the “new Kids on the block” and answer their call for help when asked if at all possible.



            Carol Backers

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