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  1. The funding goal is to have on hand enough reserve funding to cover any individual or large rescue effort that may occur. 

  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi is $450 for a Borzoi under seven years of age. For a Borzoi seven years of age or older is $250.,  International adoption fees are $650. In special circumstances the adoption fee may be waived. Payment may be made on the website via debit or credit card or by check.

  3. Local rescue groups are expected to provide funding for any rescue effort in their area. NBRF will assist in funding if required. Pay back in kind will be acceptable. 

  4. If adequate funding is not available or resources have been depleted, NBRF will provide funds to a local rescue group or individual to the best of it's ability. 

  5. If after adoption, funds recouped are more than the cost of the rescue effort, such funds will be returned to NBRF by the rescue group or individual. 

  6. When research reveals the breeder or seller of a rescued Borzoi, NBRF may contact him or her and request assistance with payment for the rescue, foster care, medical treatments, placement expenses, etc... Time payments are acceptable but should be paid in full within six months. 

  7. NBRF will solicit donations from within and outside it's organization to help pay the expenses incurred in the rescue and care of a rescued Borzoi. Such efforts may include but are not limited to: 

    1. Donations from BCOA and any or all affiliated or non affiliated breed clubs or individuals; 

    2. Raffles and auctions; 

    3. Trust Funds; 

  8. All funds will be promptly forwarded to the Treasurer of NBRF. 

  9. NBRF will minimize rescue expenses in any way possible. Use of low cost spay/neuter clinics, veterinary discounts, least expensive transportation and local placements are some examples. The safety, health, rehabilitation and optimal placement of the rescued Borzoi will not be jeopardized by these efforts. 

  10. If the situation arises, NBRF may purchase Borzoi from their current owner to remove it from a harmful environment or possible placement into a harmful or questionable situation. If possible, NBRF, delegate or volunteer will try to purchase all Borzoi in the home or situation. If the owner or breeder requires a fee, the rescuer will negotiate the lowest price possible. The rescuer will get a signed bill of sale from the owner relinquishing all rights of ownership to the dog/s and/or have the owner sign an NBRF Surrender Agreement. 

  11. Upon approval of the Director, with guidance from the Board, when needed, the following expenses are reimbursable by the Treasurer. 

    1. Necessary expenses including: 

      1. Spay/neuter; 

      2. Vaccinations; 

      3. Fecal and heart worm tests; 

      4. Mandatory medications; 

      5. Repair of injuries; 

      6. Euthanasia; 

      7. Purchase or animal shelter adoption fees; 

      8. Boarding fees not to exceed $6.00 per day; 

      9. Transportation where volunteers can not be found; 

      10. Any other necessary cost incurred; 

      11. Micro-chipping.


  1. When a Borzoi is offered or turned over to any rescue group or individual, efforts should be made immediately to collect as much information about the dog as possible. This should include: 

    1. Reason the dog is being given up; 

    2. AKC registration number/papers and Pedigree if possible; 

    3. Name and address of seller; 

    4. Current owner and breeder; 

    5. Medical and behavioral history of the dog. 

  2. The owner or agent of owner must sign a bill of sale, surrender agreement or release form prior to acceptance of the dog into the rescue program. 

  3. If doubt exists, efforts should be made to confirm a rescue candidate is actually a purebred Borzoi. 

  4. The dog should be groomed, given necessary medial attention and altered as soon as possible and safe for the dog. All Borzoi, without exception will be altered with the possible exception of strays. Stray Borzoi will be handled within the laws of the local government. After these laws are followed and the dog has been legally purchased/ adopted by the rescue group or NBRF and the owner or breeder if known refuses to pick up their Borzoi, the dog will be altered. 

  5. All Borzoi entering the rescue program will be altered before being placed for adoption. 

  6. If the breeder of the dog is known, he or she will be contacted and informed a Borzoi from their breeding is in rescue. If it is determined the breeder will not or cannot take the dog, the breeder will be requested to take financial responsibility for the dog's care, boarding fees and medical care until they are placed into a new home. 

  7. If because of unforeseen circumstances, any breeder is unable to take responsibility for any of their dogs in the rescue program, they will be asked to discontinue their breeding programs until their financial or other situations are under control. 

  8. Euthanasia is always a difficult decision and the burden of this decision should not be placed on one person alone. If the foster care giver feels euthanasia is the only solution for a particular Borzoi, with concurrence of the NBRF Director, the Borzoi will be humanely euthanized by a Veterinarian. Conditions for euthanasia are as follows: 

    1. Paralysis due to hip dysplasia or other neurological damage or disorder. 

    2. Aggressive temperament. 

    3. Extremely poor health or diseased, as advised by a veterinarian. 

    4. Dog being unplaceable due to behavioral problems. 

  9. Rescued Borzoi will be placed in foster care homes prior to being adopted in order to provide adequate temperament evaluation and medical screening. Regional delegates or the NBRF Director will approve any exception to this provision on a case by case basis. 

  10. Boarding options are as follows: 

    1. With a Borzoi breeder at no cost; 

    2. With an NBRF delegate or member of any rescue group or approved individual who donates care and space; 

    3. A boarding kennel at a discounted rate of no more than $6.00 per day till suitable accommodations with a delegate or volunteer can be found. 

  11. All NBRF Delegates and members of all affiliated breed clubs should continuously watch their local newspapers for Borzoi in the classified advertisements and ask friends and families to do the same. Borzoi may show up in any type of advertising, including free pets and lost and found ads. 

  12. Regional Rescue groups affiliated with NBRF will place rescued Borzoi in the best home possible through the development of perapproved adoption applicants and advertisement in club publication as well as Internet listings and Borzoi related email lists. 

  13. All Borzoi entering the rescue program will be micro chipped. 

  14. If a breeder or owner agrees to take back their dog which is in the rescue program and the foster care giver refuses to return the dog to said owner or breeder, the dog becomes the sole responsibility of the care giver. NBRF will not be responsible for any expenses or actions incurred by the dog or care giver. 

  15. The only exception being if the breeder or owner had been convicted of animal abuse, neglect or abandonment. No Borzoi will be returned to a breeder or owner if said owner or breeder has ever been convicted of abuse, neglect or abandonment.


NBRF delegates and all members of all affiliated clubs should inform their local shelters, dog pounds and humane societies about the NBRF program, how to identify a Borzoi and who to contact if a Borzoi comes into their system or facility. Care should be taken to develop a good working relationship with shelter and pound personal. It is important to remember shelters and pounds do not always stick to their established waiting periods for euthanasia of stray dogs. Fast action is necessary to ensure Borzoi in shelters and pounds remain safe. 

  1. Every effort must be made to find the dog's rightful owner or breeder 

  2. As soon as possible, the rescued Borzoi will be taken to a veterinarian for shots, an examination, heart worm and fecal check. 

  3. At this time, any necessary medical treatment will be given. The dog may then be transported to a foster home. 

  4. If the rightful owner or breeder is found, they will be responsible for all costs involved with the rescue effort including: 

    1. Adoption fee from shelter or pound 

    2. Transportation 

    3. Veterinarian fees 

    4. Long distance phone calls 

    5. Any necessary boarding costs 

    6. Cost to micro chip the dog if it is not already chipped or tattooed BEFORE IT IS RETURNED TO OWNER OR BREEDER. 

Breeder Surrenders

From time to time situations arise due to death, old age, loss of income or other circumstances when NBRF is asked by a breeder to place their Borzoi. We are most happy to help any breeder finding themselves in need of help for their Borzoi but, it needs to be understood that NBRF is not a dumping ground for breeder's unwanted dogs. Before NBRF agrees to take the responsibility for breeder's dogs, some stipulations must be met by the breeder.

  1. Any Borzoi co-owned, co-bred, or bred by someone other than the breeder wishing to surrender dogs to NBRF must be returned to their co-owners, co-breeders or breeders.

  2. The breeder will agree to surrender and sign the NBRF Surrender Agreement for all their Borzoi to NBRF with the possible exception of altered dogs. 

  3. No intact Borzoi will remain with the breeder.

  4. All AKC registration papers of the Borzoi will be given to NBRF. The AKC registration papers on the dogs will be mailed to AKC with "RESCUED" printed on the front so the dogs may not be re-registered.

  5. All information possible about the dogs will be given to NBRF at the time of surrender. Vaccination records, health records, Veterinarian records, micro chip numbers. If those records are not available, the Breeder will provide NBRF with all the information about each dog they can. 

  6. No addendum may be added to the NBRF Surrender Agreement by anyone and the NBRF surrender Agreement will be notarized.


These rescue situations have proven most difficult and require extreme care to resolve successfully. If Borzoi are located in any of these situations, contact the Director of NBRF for advice and instructions.


  1. Delegates and all affiliated club members or volunteers should keep an eye on local pet stores to determine if they are selling Borzoi. If this occurs, care must be taken to avoid giving the pet store owner, manager or employees the impression that Borzoi are generating interest. 

  2. Pedigree records should be reviewed and notes regarding the registration numbers, lineage, seller's/breeder's name and address should be gathered. 

  3. If possible the dog should be examined to determine general health. Periodic check up visits should be made to view the puppy from a distance. If the price of the dog falls to or below $300 or the dog appears to be in distress, contact the Director of NBRF for instructions. Care must be taken to avoid contributing to the demand for "puppy mill" puppies. In rare cases, a Borzoi may be in danger of being returned to a commercial breeder or sold into animal research. In these cases, the Director with advice and guidance of the Board will decide on a course of action. 


  1. Whenever possible, rescue Borzoi will be transported by NBRF associates or volunteers. In some cases, air or other commercial transportation will be required. 

  2. Care must be taken to avoid risks of air travel. 

    1. Nonstop or direct flights are safer than one requiring a plane change. 

    2. Weather conditions must be monitired at the origin, intermediate stops and destination to avoid excessive heart or cold during shipping. 

    3. Postponing a flight or sending the dog at night may help ensure a safe trip. 


The goal of foster care is to ensure a smooth transition for a rescued Borzoi from what are sometimes a very bad or abusive situation into a new, loving home. Foster homes must provide for the health, comfort, socialization and behavioral rehabilitation needed.

    1. Foster home candidates will be approved in advance by the Director, regional delegate or rescue group. NBRF will keep a roster of approved foster homes through out the country. When ever possible, rescued Borzoi will be matched with a foster home based on the unique geographic, health and behavioral situation for each dog. 

    2. Foster care givers are responsible for obtaining proper veterinary care for the dog including altering if applicable. Costs to NBRF should not exceed $300. The rescued Borzoi should be groomed and otherwise properly cared for by the foster home. 

    3. The most important functions of the foster home include temperament evaluation, socialization and behavioral rehabilitation. Foster dogs must be carefully exposed to a variety of situations in order to determine their temperament strays and identify any conditions the dog finds uncomfortable or distressing. These situations include exposure to: 

      1. Children of both sexes and ages 

      2. Adult humans of both sexes 

      3. Cats if at all possible 

      4. Other dogs of both sexes, other breeds and sizes including small or Toy breeds if possible. 

      5. Traffic and crowds of people 

      6. Removal of food or possessions 

    4. Results of these evaluations should be reported to the Director for use in developing socialization strategies and placement. 

    5. All allowable foster care expenses will be approved in advance by the Director in advance except in emergency situations. The Director should be contacted as soon as possible following any emergency expenses. 

    6. Itemized requests for reimbursement, with receipts must be submitted promptly to the Director or Treasurer for processing. NBRF will not reimburse for any expense incurred by a foster home on behalf of a rescued Borzoi if not received by either the Director or Treasurer with in 6 months of the actual insurance of the expense. 

    7. Any money received in connection with the rescue activity should be forwarded to the Treasurer. 

    8. Borzoi will be considered to be in foster care for the first 30 days in their adoptive home to ensure a smooth transition. No adoption will be final for 30 days. Payment is expected at the time the prospective new owner takes possession of the dog. Time payments are acceptable. 

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