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Available Dogs

We are all individuals and a Borzoi is no exception. NBRF fosters evaluate the needs of each Borzoi in our care. Help us ensure everyone's happiness by telling us more about yourself. Filling out an application is the first step in the process of becoming eligible to adopt an NBRF Borzoi.

Thank you Jacob Chattman @Esper The Borzoi
for this fun and informative video!

Scarlett and Rika

We are Scarlett and Rika, can you guess who is who?  We are sisters so we have been together our whole lives and we intend to stay that way with your help.  As you can see from our baby picture, we have always been very close.  Unfortunately our hoomans are having some health issues and feel it would be better for us if we went to a more active household.  We have had the same hoomans  for the last five years and are very sad to see them go, but we will do what is best for them.  We are 5 years young and are very playful.  We have lots of energy so we will need a large yard with secure fencing so that we can continue to romp and play.  We love people, but are not found of small creatures, so no kitties or small dogs under 30 lbs.  Scarlett and Rika need to stay together and are being fostered in Ohio.  If you have room for two beautiful girls, please  fill out an application.  If you have already filled out an application and are interested in these girls please email or

Scarlett and Rika.jpg
From Poland with love – My name is Alexi and I am a handsome bouncy boy who is emigrating to America. I am not your typical Russian immigrant, I am of course friendly, loving and handsome, but I get along wonderfully with other large dogs and even cats! My foster family in Poland would love to keep me but they cannot. I have not met any really small dogs, so that is an unknown. One of my most important requirements for my new home is that my hoomans MUST love the cuddles. Of course being originally from Russia I would prefer to live someplace where there is snow in the winter. I am about 2 years old and will be arriving in Chicago on December 16th.

If you are interested in Alexi, please fill out an application, or if you have already filled out an application and are interested, please email or


I can’t believe that I am still at my foster home, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it here and wish I could stay, but I can’t. I am 10 years young, and I still have a lot of spunk left in me. My foster family say they don’t believe I am really 10. I play with the 4 year olds in my home and give them a run for their money. I don’t last as long as they do, but I still have fun. I love my humans, and would love to sit on the sofa in the evenings and watch TV with you. I get along with all sizes of dogs, but no kitties please. I am being fostered in Spokane, Washington. Please fill out an application or if you already have, please email




Buran (my name) means storm in English, but I am actually a pretty calm dude.  I LOVE to go on walks, so that is number one on my checklist of requirements:

1.        My hoomans must love to take long walks

2.       My hoomans must like cuddles

3.       No other boy dogs!  I am the one and only king, all girls are ok

4.       Yard with six foot fence

5.       1 or 2 lady dogs to play with – medium to large size

6.       No Cats

Buran will be flying into Chicago from Warsaw in mid January, we are looking for a foster or foster to adopt (he will be neutered here) within an approximately 6 hour drive of Chicago.  If you meet his checklist and are interested in Buran, please fill out an application, or if you already have an application on file please email or

Zabava 2.jpg


My name is Zabava which means fun/enjoyment, unfortunately that has not been true for me so far, but NBRF has promised to make good on ensuring  that the rest of my life will be one of fun and enjoyment!  I am a sweet, very shy girl between 2-3 years old who has been kept inside all of my life, with very little human contact.  I am learning all sorts of new things and am looking for someone to help me on my journey.  I am curious about outdoors, but don’t really understand what it is, and I am starting to look for affection from my foster mom.  I do get along with the large dogs in my foster home, but have not met any small dogs or cats.  Zabava is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.  We are looking for a foster or adopter who is within 6 hours of Chicago and who meets the following requirements:  fenced yard with 6 foot fencing, quiet neighborhood, no small dogs or cats, someone who works from home or is retired and has the patience to bring this lovely girl out of her shell and watch her bloom. She will be flying into Chicago in mid January.  If you are interested in helping this girl become all that she was meant to be, please go to our website and fill out an application, or if you already have an application on file please email or



  1. All potential adopters are required to submit a completed application, after your application has been received you will receive an email letting you know that it has been received, if you do not receive an email, please contact us. 

  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi under seven years of age is $450 for a domestic rescue and $650 for an international rescue.  For a Borzoi seven years of age or older the adoption fee is $250. In special circumstances, the adoption fee may be waived. Payments may be made on our website or with a check.

  3. When a dog comes into rescue all of the applications are reviewed looking for the home that will be the best fit for that particular dog.  After the applications are narrowed down, the remaining adopters will be interviewed, references will be checked and a home check will be scheduled. The home that is the best fit will be presented to the board for review and the board along with input from the foster home will decide on the placement of the Borzoi.  Applicants will be notified whether they have been approved by the Board, by the placement coordinator, who will maintain records on each applicant. 

  4.  When possible, an in home visit with the Borzoi to be adopted will be made before the dog is permanently placed with the prospective new owner to ensure proper placement. 

  5. If the person or family adopting the Borzoi is a renter, a letter from the landlord stating the Borzoi is permissible in the rental for the length of the owner's stay in their residence is required. 

  6. To the greatest extent possible, the Director, appointed delegate or volunteer will maintain contact with the homes of all Borzoi placed. Efforts will be made to ensure all rescued Borzoi remain in good homes. 

  7. In the event provisions of the adoption agreement are violated by the adoptive home, the regional delegate, rescue group or NBRF Director will take all steps possible to retrieve the Borzoi from the adoptive home. Provisions have been made in the Adoption Agreement a new home/owner must sign and agree to before they can adopt a rescued Borzoi for this to happen. 

  8. All Borzoi will be altered before being placed into any permanent home.

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