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Available Dogs

We are all individuals and a Borzoi is no exception. NBRF fosters evaluate the needs of each Borzoi in our care. Help us ensure everyone's happiness by telling us more about yourself. Filling out an application is the first step in the process of becoming eligible to adopt an NBRF Borzoi.

Thank you Jacob Chattman @Esper The Borzoi
for this fun and informative video!

I am Nadia!


Many things have been said about me – beautiful, happy, smart, curious, mischievous, gentle, loving, independent, fearless and headstrong. It has also been noted that I am a drama queen extraordinaire 😁


All of these thing are true, and describe the fabulous princess that is me. It is going to take a bit of work and patience to win me over, but I assure you that once you do, it will be worth it!


Nadia is 7 years young; spayed, HW negative and up to date on all her shots.


If you think you have what it takes to win this girl’s heart, please tell us more about yourself by filling out an application, or if you already have one on file, please let us know that you are interested in Nadia.


Hi, I'm Maksym!


I was a hunting dog in my home country of Ukraine. I survived bombs and drone attacks; it was a car that took me down.


I was found on the side of the road in a terrible state and desperate need of human intervention.


Because I could not hunt, my owner had no use for me. I have a pin in my leg and a dent in my skull. I've lost most of my sight and survived a raging case of MRSA.


My life was steeped in tragedies that I could never have survived without human help. NONE of this has affected my love of running or cheerful demeanor.

I love everyone I meet! I'm maybe 3 yrs and weigh-in at about 60 pounds

-- that's 60 pounds of PURE JOY --

My Foster in Illinois says I am one of the COOLEST dogs she's ever met through Rescue!

Are you Maksym's forever home? Tell us more about yourself by filling out an Adoption Application or if you have already filled out an application please send an email to and let her know you are interested in this special boy.


"My name is Kala and I am part of the NE rescue that happened a few weeks ago.  Some of us have already found our forever homes, but I haven’t yet.


I am in a wonderful foster home learning about other dogs outside of my pack.  I loooooove my foster dad and follow him everywhere so I think I would be a perfect daddy’s girl for someone.  My foster mom says that I am nearly perfect, which is about as good as it gets, nobody is truly “perfect” where’s the fun in that?"  


Lovely Kala is 4 ½ years old and is being fostered in Ohio, she is up to date on vaccinations and HW negative.  She has not been around small dogs, cats or young children, but was good with respectful older children. 


If you think that you might be Kala’s person(s) please fill out an application or if you have already filled one out and are interested in Kala, please let us know.

Hazel 1.jpg

Insider info from Hazel’s foster mom - "Hazel continues to do well. She is a nice mix of cuddly but happy to explore and hang out on her own.


She is all out crazy at times and can sometimes encourage the others to join in. She loves shoes and basically anything that “falls” in her mouth. Amazingly, she has not discovered the remote yet." 


Hazel is a 7 month old puppy girl that is looking for a home with a playmate(s), a large fenced yard and someone that is looking to accompany her on her amazing journey from puppy to adulthood. 


She has not been around cats or small dogs. If you think you could be Hazel’s person(s), please fill out an application, or if you have already sent one in please let us know that you are interested in Hazel.


My name is Prima and I am 6 years old. My foster mom says I’m a bit of a diva – c’mon, look at me!! I could not be any more beautiful and check out this magnificent tail, I have every right to be a diva with looks like this! 


I can be a bit shy at first but a total sweetheart; a calm, mature, graceful lady who would like more than anything in this world to have my very own person(s) to love and to love (and dote on) me. That is all I want, really!! Love, attention, your couch, your heart, ear rubs, treats, sweet words of love... Oooooops, did I say all that out loud? 


I have spent all of my life around other Borzoi, but I have no experience with small dogs or cats or other types of dogs.    


I will need a securely fenced yard with a 6 ft privacy fence. 


Prima is being fostered in North Carolina, if you have room in your heart and home for this beautiful girl and her fabulous tail, please fill out an application or if you have already filled out an application please send an email to and let her know you are interested in Prima.



My name is Mariska (Miskee for short)  I am 2-3 years old and in my short life, well let’s just say I don’t know too much about the outside world, but I am learning quickly and embracing it fully. 


I have not had a lot of experience with humans or other dogs, but in my short time as a foster, I have learned that hoomans are ok once you get to know them and that they can give you all sorts of nice things like treats, pets, love and attention.


I love playing in my new yard and basking in the sun. I am very smart and as you can see I am quite the looker, I will need a VERY SECURE

fully fenced yard with a 6 foot privacy fence (I'm very clever and can figure out an escape plan) and of course another dog to play with and who can teach me the joys of being a family pet. 

Sweet Mariska is calm, has a wonderful disposition and although she needs someone with patience to help her overcome her past and come out of her shell, she will be very much worth the effort. 


She has not been around small dogs or cats and is currently being fostered in Virginia.

Are you Miriska's forever home? Tell us more about yourself by filling out an adoption application.


Hi everyone, Farley here!

I am still looking for my forever home!! Can you believe it? All this handsomeness and still looking for my own family to love?? I promise to be a good boy and follow you around the house wherever you go. I just want to be near you. I love pets and cuddles, but I am happy just to be in the same room with you. I LOVE being inside with my people!

I get along great with my Borzoi foster brother and sister, but I do not like small dogs or cats so no dogs under 50lbs for me – I would also be great as an only dog for someone who is retired or works from home – I crave companionship.

I have a confession – I will do just about anything for a dried cube of beef liver – you have the liver – I will do what you ask. I also like to steal throw pillows and hide them in weird places, don't judge me 


I will need a large yard with a 6 foot fence, no small dogs or cats.

Farley is almost 5 years young and is being fostered in Maryland. He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on all of his vaccinations. If you are interested in making this handsome boy's dreams come true, please fill out an adoption application.

Scarlett and Rika
"Hey it’s Rika and Scarlett, we have been having a good time hanging out with our foster family, but it is time for us to find our forever home before they get too attached to us.

They say we are perfect and well, we are. Well almost – we play nicely with toys, we are very gentle, we aren’t very picky eaters, we are very loving (we slightly prefer men to women, but love everyone), we are not destructive so no need to crate us. The only bad thing that can be said about us is that we don’t really like having our nails trimmed, but I don’t think we are alone in that!

We are two beautiful 5 ½ year old sisters that really need to stay together. Isn’t there someone out there that has room in their heart/home for us? What is better than one Borzoi? Two bonded sisters!!

We are being fostered in Ohio and would love to be your girls. We have always had a fenced yard to play in so we would like that."

Rika and Scarlett are spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on all of their vaccinations. They have not been around young children, cats or small dogs so that is an unknown.

If you think you can meet the needs of these two beauties please fill out an application.


My name is Vega, the brightest star in the sky. And - I'm true to my name. There are three of us right now being fostered in Poland. And I'm the leader. I'm beautiful and courteous and, well, I am more often than not the center of attention. I enjoy playing with toys and with Vlad, the silly boy.

At mealtimes, my foster mom claims that I am a cat, rubbing against her legs as she prepares our meals. I have been caught several times eyeing the fence.... so agility training could be in my future OR you should think about installing a 6 ft fence!

And I do admit to one weakness - I'm not really into hanging out with girl dogs - boys are my thing. I guess my personal ad would specify: Russian beauty seeks a home filled with love, attention, toys and boys!

(No small dogs and no cats, and 6’ fence needed.)

Are you Vega's dream home? If you can check the boxes that this beauty needs to be happy, please tell us more about yourself by filling out an adoption application.

Vega from Russia.jpg
Vega girl.jpg





Buran (my name) means storm in English, but I am actually a pretty calm dude.  I LOVE to go on walks, so that is number one on my checklist of requirements:

1.        My hoomans must love to take long walks

2.       My hoomans must like cuddles

3.       No other boy dogs!  I am the one and only king, all girls are ok

4.       Yard with six foot fence

5.       1 or 2 lady dogs to play with – medium to large size

6.       No Cats

Buran will be flying into Chicago from Warsaw in mid January, we are looking for a foster or foster to adopt (he will be neutered here) within an approximately 6 hour drive of Chicago.  If you meet his checklist and are interested in Buran, please fill out an adoption application. 




My name is Mia and I am 8 years old –  


I am a gorgeous older girl who has lived my whole life as a single dog. My owner passed away and while we had a good life together, it was pretty sedentary. Since coming into foster care, I have learned the joys of living with other dogs, so I really want a playmate in my new home, someone around my age – big or small that I can run with or hang with that doesn’t play too rough.


I got to know some other Borzoi and I loved playing and going for walks with them. There is a French Bulldog and a Dachshund next door and we play on the fence line and have a good time.


I am pretty laid back, but I also have a goofy side and I’m very smart too, sometimes my foster mom forgets what time it is, and I have to remind her that she is running late for my breakfast or dinner, and of course I know where the treat cabinet is.


I love my walks, and I am turning into quite the social butterfly. I love meeting new people and if I really like you, I will bless you with a big Borzoi smile.


Mia needs to live in a northern climate due to environmental allergies, she is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on all of her shots. 

If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet girl, please fill out an adoption application. 



Hi, I’m Gemma!!


 I am a Gemini, I’m beautiful, lively, gregarious, playful, engaging and I will be 2 years old in June!


 I have lived with a small dog so I am ok with small dogs, but I have not lived with cats.  I am house broken, I know  sit, down and wait.  I am very, very smart.  I love my walks and squeaky, squeaky squeaky toys.


 Did I mention that I am always SMILING?  I am a happy girl, but it also could be that I am in love ❤️ I am currently being fostered with that handsome Russian boy Vladimir and I would very much like to mention that if anyone is looking for TWO dogs, I would be very happy to spend the rest of my life with him (hint hint).  


I am good on a leash unless I see a rabbit or a deer, - then I get very excited, but who can blame me, I am after all I am Borzoi! 


Gemma is spayed, Heartworm negative, up to date on all of her vaccinations and being fostered in North Carolina.

Do you have room in your heart and home for this beautiful baby girl (and quite possibly her love interest, Vlad)? If you think your family is a good fit, fill out an adoption application telling us more about yourself.

Vlad and Gemma


What is the greatest love story ever told? It just might be the tale of Vlad and Gemma.

How a handsome, down on his luck young boy from Russia and a beautiful, young girl looking for more in life found each other and fell in love.


Growing up thousands of miles apart, it was fate that brought them together in the same foster home.

We believe in love at first sight. We believe in true love. We believe in kismet. We believe in Vlad and Gemma.


Are you the home that can give them their forever together?

Hi! Do you want to play? I'm game for playing anytime, with anyone!

My name's Vladimir, but you can call me Vlad - or even Volodya! I'm not picky, just so long as you call me! I love everyone, love my fellow Borzoi fosters.... really love to play! I even got the others to play ball with me! I am young; I am beautiful; I am always seeing the positive side of life and am the life of any party - heck, I AM the party.

Vlad is just 1 year old and is one happy pup. Fostered in Poland, his Borzoi buddies Vega and Roman are doing their best to teach him manners, and he is doing his best to get them to play.

(Small dogs friendly but no cats, and 6’ fence needed.)

Are you ready for a good time? Are you ready for some fun? Are you Vlad's dream home? If you can check the boxes that this playful boy needs to be happy, please tell us more about yourself by filling out an adoption application.

Vlad is being fostered in the mid-Atlantic region.


Vlad 2.jpg


Hey - I'm Roman. They say redheads can be fiery, but not me. I am your best friend, we just haven't met yet.

If I had to choose my best day, it would be a day during which you and I spent the whole day together. We could go into town, hang out in a cafe, take a walk in the woods - anything you'd like. And, when we're not out and about, I'll be sitting beside you, resting my head on your knee, gazing up into your eyes. Don't get me wrong - I get along fine with my fellow Borzoi fosters. But, if you're around, my eyes and attention will be on you!

Roman is 3 years old and is as sweet a gentleman as you could find. He engages with his fellow foster Borzoi, but he is focused on the humans. He truly will stare adoringly at you for hours, forgoing any dog games just to be in your presence.

(No small dogs and no cats, and 6’ fence needed.)

Are you Roman's dream home? If you can check the boxes that this loving boy needs to be happy, please tell us more about yourself by filling out an adoption application.



  1. All potential adopters are required to submit a completed application, after your application has been received you will receive an email letting you know that it has been received, if you do not receive an email, please contact us. 

  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi under seven years of age is $450 for a domestic rescue and $650 for an international rescue.  For a Borzoi seven years of age or older the adoption fee is $250. In special circumstances, the adoption fee may be waived. Payments may be made on our website or with a check.

  3. When a dog comes into rescue all of the applications are reviewed looking for the home that will be the best fit for that particular dog.  After the applications are narrowed down, the remaining adopters will be interviewed, references will be checked and a home check will be scheduled. The home that is the best fit will be presented to the board for review and the board along with input from the foster home will decide on the placement of the Borzoi.  Applicants will be notified whether they have been approved by the Board, by the placement coordinator, who will maintain records on each applicant. 

  4.  When possible, an in home visit with the Borzoi to be adopted will be made before the dog is permanently placed with the prospective new owner to ensure proper placement. 

  5. If the person or family adopting the Borzoi is a renter, a letter from the landlord stating the Borzoi is permissible in the rental for the length of the owner's stay in their residence is required. 

  6. To the greatest extent possible, the Director, appointed delegate or volunteer will maintain contact with the homes of all Borzoi placed. Efforts will be made to ensure all rescued Borzoi remain in good homes. 

  7. In the event provisions of the adoption agreement are violated by the adoptive home, the regional delegate, rescue group or NBRF Director will take all steps possible to retrieve the Borzoi from the adoptive home. Provisions have been made in the Adoption Agreement a new home/owner must sign and agree to before they can adopt a rescued Borzoi for this to happen. 

  8. All Borzoi will be altered before being placed into any permanent home.

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