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Available dogs

We are all individuals and a Borzoi is no exception. NBRF fosters evaluate the needs of each Borzoi in our care. Help us ensure everyone's happiness by telling us more about yourself. Filling out an application is the first step in the process of becoming eligible to adopt an NBRF Borzoi.

I am Aris, Rufus’s brother, he thinks he is sooooo handsome, but being a redhead is so ordinary. Just look at my magnificent coloring! I am a true work of art. I also am unsure of my age, but I do know that Rufus is my brother and I am coming to America to find my furever home. I would love it to be with my brother, but I know that may be a lot to ask. I have always had company though so I will need a least one other large dog to play with, I also know nothing of small dogs and cats. I just want my own home, a soft bed, a big yard to do zoomies and someone to love me. I will be fostered in Illinois and will be available after my spa day with my brother. Please fill out an application, or if you have already filled one out, no need to fill out another, just send us a message and let us know who you are interested in.
My name is Aman, I am between 2-4 years old and I will be arriving in Chicago from Warsaw with my two friends Rufus and Aris this week. I can’t wait to find a home in America! I have heard that all of the yards are very large with tall fences to keep me safe and there are lots of toys and good food and soft beds and sofas and snuggles and love and friends and I don’t have to worry about anything anymore, I can just be the best dog I can be. I am great around other large dogs, but I have not been observed around small dogs or cats. I am being fostered in Illinois. I am neutered and up to date on all of my shots and HW negative. Please fill out an application, or if you have already filled one out, no need to fill out another, just send us a message and let us know who you are interested in.
I am Rufus and as you can see I am a very handsome boy, how can you resist my beautiful red curly locks? I am a fan of people, other borzoi and other large dogs and of course my brother Aris, I don’t know about small dogs and cats as I have never seen them. I am not exactly sure how old I am – who cares - age is just a number, but I guess somewhere between 2-4. I will be arriving in Chicago, with my brother Aris, and Aman this week from Warsaw this week and like Aman I would like a home with a large yard with a 6 foot fence and a large dog to play with. I am hoping that it could be my brother Aris – we can be split up, but it would be so nice if we could stay together. I really like people and can’t wait to have some of my very own. I will be fostered in Illinois and will be available as soon as I recover from my neuter (whatever that is) They said it was going to be a big surprise! Please fill out an application, or if you have already filled one out, no need to fill out another, just send us a message and let us know who you are interested in.


I am Yari!  And I say it with an exclamation point and exuberance because I am a happy boy!  I love to have another dog with me but it needs to be a strong willed female, no fainting flowers for me because I can sometimes be a bit of a brat and I need my person and my dog companion to remind me to have manners!  I love attention and will push in front of another dog to be FIRST FIRST FIRST!  My foster Mom is trying to teach me patience and that I can't always be FIRST FIRST FIRST and boy does it hurt my feelers when she gives me the stink eye and tells me NO!  But I am trying really really hard to be AWESOME!  I walk well on lead and find couches and beds the best place to sleep.


Yari is approximately 3 years old, is neutered, HW/4DX negative and up to date on vaccinations.  Yari needs a playmate as he still has a lot of puppy play in him.  He loves toys and is very hand gentle when taking treats, however he will try to steal other dogs' treats and needs to be watched closely and corrected if necessary during treat time.  He is not food bowl possessive though and will share his food bowl.  Yari loves attention and will need a playmate and a human who can give him lots of play time, love and attention.




I am Zorka, I am from Ukraine and about 18 months old, and told I am very lovely with my vibrant red and white colors.  


I love to be with another dog or two of my size, I am not picky if it is a boy or a girl as long as I have someone to be with and assure me that humans are good.  I am learning about toys and find them fun to throw up in the air and do zoomies around the yard, unless you are watching me, then I will sit and watch you back.  My foster Mom says I am silly and have so much fun and love in me if I would just let it out, I don't know how she knows this unless she watches me from a distance and I am not aware when she is.  


I am accepting of touch and will walk on a lead if you give me a chance.  I am not ready to seek out people but I do let them touch me and pet me and tell me I am a good girl when all I really want to do is sit like a statue and be ignored.


Zorka is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and is HW/4DX negative.  Zorka will take an experienced home with someone who has time and patience to win this girl over.  She is very reserved but does like to lounge on a bed or a couch.  There is a happy girl inside, she is just not ready to let her borzoi light shine yet and needs that special person for her to bond with.  Zorka will take some work!!  But she is more than worth it.  

Congratulations, ZORKA!!


Hi my name is Luka, I just came into rescue. NBRF found me in a shelter and got me out as soon as possible. I am a good boy (of course) and since I am only 9 months old, my favorite activity is playing so my new home must have a buddy for me to play with. I also love hugs and kisses and I am a champion snuggler. I already have perfected holding down the couch. I also love to watch TV and did I mention I like to play? All I want for Christmas is a large fenced yard with a six foot fence, a friend to play with - a large dog would be best and NO CATS. I just find them way too tempting. I am neutered, up to date on my shots and am currently being fostered in upstate New York. I also like snow! If you are interested in me or another borzoi, please fill out an application.

Luka update – I have been having a great time at my foster home! It is so much fun here, kind of like being at camp.  I have a HUGE yard to run around in and several playmates to play chase with – of course I am the fastest.  The snow has melted and now there is MUD that we can play in!  I am so happy, I love mud! Foster mom, not so much and the baths afterwards kinda suck, but that doesn’t stop me.  As much as I love it here and hate to leave, I would love my own home.  I am a young boy, so I will need someone who knows puppies and will provide the structure and training I need to make me my best possible self.  I also obviously need an active playmate, I am a big boy so at least one larger dog is a must – I am ok with smaller dogs, but I don’t know my own size and can play a bit rough for a small dog  Good news, my foster mom says she thinks I am cat workable.


Myrna - Peace
My name is Myrna (my name means Peace) I am 2 years old and I am a refugee from Ukraine, first I went to Russia with my friend Nadia, where we met another friend Zoya and we all made it to Poland where we have been patiently waiting so that we could come to the US. It has taken us 8 months to get here and I am so glad to be here. I am a happy social girl who gets along with everyone except cats – NO CATS – I’m ok with dogs, but not dogs under 35 lbs please. I love to go on walks and I walk very nicely on lead. I would love a large fenced yard and a friend to play with. I am being fostered in Michigan and there will be more about my likes and dislikes after I settle into my foster home. I am spayed, HW negative, and up to date on all of my vaccinations.


Hi! My name is Gustaf, but my friends call me Goose and everyone is my friend.  I love people, dogs and even cats.  I have had a wonderful life, but sadly my beloved person is no longer able to take care of me, so I am in search of a new family where I can live out the rest of my days and be spoiled rotten.  I am 6 years old, neutered, up to date on my shots.  I am currently being fostered in Florida.  If you think you are the right family to love and spoil me please fill out an application.  I do require a fenced yard and it would be nice to have a friend as I have always lived with other dogs.

Congratulations, GOOSE!!

NBRF appreciates Goose's breeder for working with us on the rehoming, and paying all necessary medical and Veterinary expense to bring him up to NBRF Placement standards.



Striker here – I know you have been waiting to hear all about me, my foster parents LOVE me and I would definitely be a foster fail if they weren’t limited to two dogs in their household. They want you to know that I am REALLY REALLY Special. I love to go for a walk in the early morning with my foster dad, I usually get a least one more walk a day in addition to running around the back yard with my foster siblings. I also like to go to the park where everyone admires me – I love people, although baseball caps and beards kinda freak me out. I do great with large dogs, I haven’t been around small dogs or cats, but, my sister who also came to the US from Ukraine (where we both were born) is doing ok with cats and small dogs, so I might be ok, but there is no way to really test me right now. My foster family call me a clown, my foster mom says I am what she calls a free form sleeper – mostly on my back with my legs in the air. I also love my toys, I must cuddle with one of my “babies” when I am sleeping. I am already housetrained, because I am so smart – I just watched the other dogs and figured out what I was supposed to do. I am being fostered in Atlanta. I will need a large yard, a six foot fence and someone who likes to play as much as I do. If you think you have what it takes, please submit your application! I want to give a very special shout out to Zoi Ful who’s generosity helped make my trip possible to the US.


  1. All potential adopters are required to submit a completed application, after your application has been received you will receive an email letting you know that it has been received, if you do not receive an email, please contact us. 

  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi under seven years of age is $400 for a domestic rescue and $600 for an international rescue.  For a Borzoi seven years of age or older the adoption fee is $200. In special circumstances, the adoption fee may be waived. Payments may be made on our website or with a check.

  3. When a dog comes into rescue all of the applications are reviewed looking for the home that will be the best fit for that particular dog.  After the applications are narrowed down, the remaining adopters will be interviewed, references will be checked and a home check will be scheduled. The home that is the best fit will be presented to the board for review and the board along with input from the foster home will decide on the placement of the Borzoi.  Applicants will be notified whether they have been approved by the Board, by the placement coordinator, who will maintain records on each applicant. 

  4.  When possible, an in home visit with the Borzoi to be adopted will be made before the dog is permanently placed with the prospective new owner to ensure proper placement. 

  5. If the person or family adopting the Borzoi is a renter, a letter from the landlord stating the Borzoi is permissible in the rental for the length of the owner's stay in their residence is required. 

  6. To the greatest extent possible, the Director, appointed delegate or volunteer will maintain contact with the homes of all Borzoi placed. Efforts will be made to ensure all rescued Borzoi remain in good homes. 

  7. In the event provisions of the adoption agreement are violated by the adoptive home, the regional delegate, rescue group or NBRF Director will take all steps possible to retrieve the Borzoi from the adoptive home. Provisions have been made in the Adoption Agreement a new home/owner must sign and agree to before they can adopt a rescued Borzoi for this to happen. 

  8. All Borzoi will be altered before being placed into any permanent home.

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