Available dogs

We are all individuals and a Borzoi is no exception. NBRF fosters evaluate the needs of each Borzoi in our care. Help us ensure everyone's happiness by telling us more about yourself. Filling out an application is the first step in the process of becoming eligible to adopt an NBRF Borzoi.



S/F looking for S/M for a long-term relationship. Don’t let my gray hair fool you, I am a 2 1/2 to 3-year-old sassy spayed female, up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm negative. I love people, but need a stronger male Borzoi or other sight hound of large build that will not let me push him around when I get excited and play. I travel well and like to go on long walks. I could also be your one and only. I am not good with cats or small dogs. I need a 5 foot privacy fence and a large yard as I am very active. I currently live in South Carolina 


Look what Santa dropped off on our doorstep!! Prancer and Vixen have been entrusted into our care and we are taking applications.. One boy and one girl. Prancer is 4 months old and Vixen is 3 months old. We are not able to answer any questions about them publicly due to confidentiality issues. They will be adopted out individually to homes with large yards and 6 foot fences. At this point they love everyone, because they are perfect puppies, so if you are ready for a puppy and all that comes with it, please submit an application and reference puppies. If you already have an application in and you are interested please send us a message.


The fine print

Adoption procedures

  1. All potential adopters are required to submit a completed application, after your application has been received you will receive an email letting you know that it has been received, if you do not receive an email, please contact us. 

  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi under seven years of age is $400 for a domestic rescue and $600 for an international rescue.  For a Borzoi seven years of age or older the adoption fee is $200. In special circumstances, the adoption fee may be waived. Payments may be made on our website or with a check.

  3. When a dog comes into rescue all of the applications are reviewed looking for the home that will be the best fit for that particular dog.  After the applications are narrowed down, the remaining adopters will be interviewed, references will be checked and a home check will be scheduled. The home that is the best fit will be presented to the board for review and the board along with input from the foster home will decide on the placement of the Borzoi.  Applicants will be notified whether they have been approved by the Board, by the placement coordinator, who will maintain records on each applicant. 

  4.  When possible, an in home visit with the Borzoi to be adopted will be made before the dog is permanently placed with the prospective new owner to ensure proper placement. 

  5. If the person or family adopting the Borzoi is a renter, a letter from the landlord stating the Borzoi is permissible in the rental for the length of the owner's stay in their residence is required. 

  6. To the greatest extent possible, the Director, appointed delegate or volunteer will maintain contact with the homes of all Borzoi placed. Efforts will be made to ensure all rescued Borzoi remain in good homes. 

  7. In the event provisions of the adoption agreement are violated by the adoptive home, the regional delegate, rescue group or NBRF Director will take all steps possible to retrieve the Borzoi from the adoptive home. Provisions have been made in the Adoption Agreement a new home/owner must sign and agree to before they can adopt a rescued Borzoi for this to happen. 

  8. All Borzoi will be altered before being placed into any permanent home.