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The Borzoi Bulletin
October 5th, 2023  Roxy and Huxley

Meet Roxy and Huxley. Theirs is a particularly difficult story. Both are stage 3 heart worm positive. Both were so neglected, covered in filth and parasites that Roxy had to be shaved even after bathing and treatment. Not until Roxy gave birth to 8 dead puppies did their people decide to give them up. NBRF - International representatives stepped in, got them to a vet and pulled Roxy back from the brink of death. In and out of the ICU for internal bleeding and infection, she was not strong enough to even feed herself. Further complications after an emergency spay have had her back to the E-Clinic twice since.

These once beautiful, cared for souls were born in the U.S. but sent to Seoul, South Korea as youngsters. Sent away with no regard for their safety. Sent away as far from help as they could get. Sent to South Korea from the U.S.

NBRF - NBRF International is now doing everything possible to save their lives and get them to safety. They will not survive there.

All of this transpired in the last 6 weeks. Roxy’s vet bills are over $8,100. Transportation, boarding, food, documentation and vet certifications for both her and Huxley to travel add another $3,600 to that already enormous bill.

Resources have been stretched thin this last year and a half. Every dollar donated to our International fund is desperately needed. We call on you again, we beg you, our generous supporters to maintain our ability to help those in need.

It matters. It matters to every single, suffering soul we rescue. Hug your hounds, realize the good fortune of their safety and content. Share that good fortune by making a donation of anything you can so we may pass on that hope to someone who desperately needs it.

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To donate, please

NBRF also gratefully accept checks mailed to:


PO Box 231

Dix, IL 62830

Note “International” on the memo line

October 7th, 2023  Roxy and Huxley

Huxley arrived safely to the U.S. West Coast just a short time ago!! Tired, happy and SAFE, this is his new beginning! Thank you NBRF - International team in South Korea, Huxley and Roxy's rescue began with you! To Keith and Jenn for greeting this precious cargo on the U.S. side and transporting; our gratitude for once again being there for Borzoi in need.


To Team Borzoi in the states for managing the logistics of an international rescue, well done! To the many generous donors who are supporting both Huxley and Roxy's recovery. You are the fuel that makes rescue run!! THANK YOU!

Roxy is still in recovery, gaining strength but will join Huxley back in the U.S. as soon as possible.

We still have a long way to go paying down the enormous vet bills incurred saving Roxy's life. Please consider lending a paw to NBRF - International by donating to NBRF's International rescue efforts.

October 18th, 2023  Roxy and Huxley

SHE'S HERE!!! Late yesterday, Roxy landed in the U.S. safe and sound!

Greeted at the airport by her forever family and escorted to her forever home where HUXLEY was waiting, TOGETHER they will continue to recover and learn what safe and secure feels like. Long may you both live in comfort and joy.

Whenever possible international dogs go direct to their adoptive homes. NBRF - International does this for 2 reasons. They already have a lot of stress and this eliminates the extra step and travel with fosters. And knowing what home they will go to helps us coordinate flights to the best location.

It took a great many hands and coordination to get these two out of a horrible situation. Ours are tears of joy to see how far they've come already and to know that they have their Happily Ever Afters in front of them.

Roxy and Huxley's worlds have changed greatly these past few weeks in no small part due to the generosity of our amazing NBRF donors! We ask and you come through.


Thank you for your continuing support! We are still gratefully accepting and asking for donations to our "International Rescue Efforts" for medical bills and transportation.

This is truly a worldwide effort with PayPal donations coming in for Roxy and Huxley from a long list of countries: The United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Israel, the Netherlands, and Italy! Our hearts are full!

Disaster has struck our Ukraine partner. Last night fire from a drone strike damaged much of Ivan’s home. Ivan, Inna and the dogs are safe but the damage is extensive...


We don't know her back story or where she went after the first heart breaking shelter picture. But we can tell you where she is now.

Phoebe was officially adopted to a wonderful NBRF approved home just yesterday!!

Stability and safety are finally hers. Welcome home sweet girl

NBRF Domestic
Reflecting on the end of another year; to say that 2022 was busy is an understatement!

NBRF took possession of, medically evaluated, and treated 36 borzoi domestically. NBRF-International brought to the U.S. 10 rescue borzoi this year with the last one scheduled to arrive by the end of the year. 


For Borzoi like Murphy, Nadia (Hope), Finn, Stormy, Tom/Patches, Piper, Sysko/Alister, Baiichka/Phoebe, Sophie/Melia, The Boston Pups litter, Fast Eddie and Flash, Myrna (Peace), Zoya, Jasper, Bradley/Voodoo, Una/Vixen and so many more, NBRF is a life changer. 


In late February the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation - International also stepped up, bringing aid to Borzoi trapped in Ukraine or those with their owners fleeing to safety in another European country. There is no playbook for this mission; the magnitude of what we are doing is unprecedented. With more than 100 Borzoi and their families still counting on our aid, we remain committed to continuing our work for as long as we are needed. And we do this without compromising any of our traditional duties!


NBRF is the only nonprofit national and international rescue dedicated exclusively to Borzoi! Our work is made possible by the kindness and generosity of many supporters. It tests our strength and our hearts every day - the triumphs and tragedies of this mission. Facebook fundraisers, sales from Shop Borzoi Life, AmazonSmile, the Holiday auction and donations are a few of the ways you too can help. 


Domestic, International, Refugee Borzoi in Ukraine, or wherever it is needed most; choose where you would like your donation to be used. Become a sustaining partner by signing up for recurring donations, or donate a single time. We are greater than the sum of our parts and by working together our impact is multiplied! 


You will find a DONATE button on our Domestic Facebook page and in many places right here on 


NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to: NBRF PO Box 231, Dix, IL 62830 


Use the notes section of your payment page or the memo line on your check to tell us where you would like your money spent.


Give thanks for the healthy Borzoi in your life and join us to make a difference for those in need, one Borzoi at a time.


Thank you and welcome 2023!! 

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