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Lucky Number 13 Rescue! 5/13/2024

There’s been something afoot for a few weeks and a large scale rescue in the NorthEast is now a reality.

13 Borzoi - 8 puppies and 5 adults - are safe in their foster or foster to adopt homes as we make this announcement. The logistics of a rescue this size are daunting! Your NBRF placement team has worked non stop to make sure these Borzoi had places to land; contacting our network of approved homes, screening new homes, scheduling transport and lining up vet visits. Transport from the NorthEast to the mid West and beyond took unforeseen turns requiring quick thinking, exhausting hours on the road and vehicles full of confused hounds in need of a good cleaning.

A BIG Borzoi shout out to NBRF Team Borzoi who went into action the moment their need was known. Edna, Liz and June went above and beyond to make sure these dogs had homes to go to and got there in a timely, safe manner!

To the rescue community, new and established, who heard the call, made known their willingness to help, filled out applications and stood at the ready to open their hearts and homes to these pups in need! Thank you!

And to all those supporters who hear us now call for monetary help: we need you!! All of these dogs require spay/neuter and general veterinarian care.


This is an expensive endeavor and we are asking the community to continue to rally behind these Borzoi, ensuring that they receive a clean bill of health as each of them go on to live their Happily Ever Afters!

Please donate today. 

NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to:


PO Box 231

Dix, IL 62830

Thank you!!

Read all about it! NEW for 2024 a special section of our website devoted to "PUPDATES" from our favorite NBRF rescue Borzoi. Click anywhere on the pictures below for full access to true stories of living "Happily Ever After!" - Annual Newsletters  - quarterly Borzoi Bulletins and NBRF's ongoing mission in the Ukraine.
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