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Disaster has struck our Ukraine partner. Last night fire from a drone strike damaged much of Ivan’s home. Ivan, Inna and the dogs are safe but the damage is extensive...


We don't know her back story or where she went after the first heart breaking shelter picture. But we can tell you where she is now.

Phoebe was officially adopted to a wonderful NBRF approved home just yesterday!!

Stability and safety are finally hers. Welcome home sweet girl

NBRF Domestic
Reflecting on the end of another year; to say that 2022 was busy is an understatement!

NBRF took possession of, medically evaluated, and treated 36 borzoi domestically. NBRF-International brought to the U.S. 10 rescue borzoi this year with the last one scheduled to arrive by the end of the year. 


For Borzoi like Murphy, Nadia (Hope), Finn, Stormy, Tom/Patches, Piper, Sysko/Alister, Baiichka/Phoebe, Sophie/Melia, The Boston Pups litter, Fast Eddie and Flash, Myrna (Peace), Zoya, Jasper, Bradley/Voodoo, Una/Vixen and so many more, NBRF is a life changer. 


In late February the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation - International also stepped up, bringing aid to Borzoi trapped in Ukraine or those with their owners fleeing to safety in another European country. There is no playbook for this mission; the magnitude of what we are doing is unprecedented. With more than 100 Borzoi and their families still counting on our aid, we remain committed to continuing our work for as long as we are needed. And we do this without compromising any of our traditional duties!


NBRF is the only nonprofit national and international rescue dedicated exclusively to Borzoi! Our work is made possible by the kindness and generosity of many supporters. It tests our strength and our hearts every day - the triumphs and tragedies of this mission. Facebook fundraisers, sales from Shop Borzoi Life, AmazonSmile, the Holiday auction and donations are a few of the ways you too can help. 


Domestic, International, Refugee Borzoi in Ukraine, or wherever it is needed most; choose where you would like your donation to be used. Become a sustaining partner by signing up for recurring donations, or donate a single time. We are greater than the sum of our parts and by working together our impact is multiplied! 


You will find a DONATE button on our Domestic Facebook page and in many places right here on 


NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to: NBRF PO Box 231, Dix, IL 62830 


Use the notes section of your payment page or the memo line on your check to tell us where you would like your money spent.


Give thanks for the healthy Borzoi in your life and join us to make a difference for those in need, one Borzoi at a time.


Thank you and welcome 2023!! 

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