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Edna Hanley

I retired after 25 years in Sales Management for an international company and I ran my own business for a time and decided to retire from that in 2017.  


I have 34 years experience with Borzoi.  I have trained, shown and loved the breed.  Over the years we have had over 16 Borzoi who lived with us and numerous foster who eventually we placed in loving homes.  Each one of them brought joy to my heart with their individual personalities and intelligence and friendship.  We are presently home to four Borzoi.  Two of which we fostered and became their forever home.  


I have been on the Board of Directors for a local Animal Welfare League and worked with various rescues over the years.  


I started helping NBRF shortly after it was founded - fostering and transporting.  NBRF has helped me with advice and support over the years.  I truly believe that all who breed a litter should be responsible for them for their entire life and be ready to assist them if they need help in the future.  We are their safety net and need to be involved in rescue to help ensure there is always a safety net for our Borzoi.

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