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The National Borzoi Rescue
Adoption Application

There is a $25 application fee, that must be received before your application can be proccessed.  This fee will be credited towards your adoption cost.  Once you submit an application it is kept on file for 2 years- there is no need to submit another application.  If there is a dog that you are interested in and we have not contacted you, please send us a message.

Please list all current pets

Please rate from 1 to 10 with 10 being the most desirable

References: (please include name and phone number - only one relative)

Please answer all questions completely, if the box is red, you must go back and fill in an answer

When you click the submit button you will be taken to our donation site where you will pay your application fee.  Please select $25 and NBRF-USA Rescue Efforts

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