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Liz Duncan-Burge

Secretary-Treasurer:  Liz Duncan-Burge is a Captain in the Patrol Division in a Sheriff’s Office in southern Illinois and has 25+ years on the force.  Liz got her first Borzoi in 1990 and did her first rescue shortly thereafter, before NBRF was established.  Liz started volunteering with NBRF soon after NBRF was founded, was Vice-Director from 2009 - 2013 and has been the Secretary-Treasurer since 2013.


Liz is Zanoza Borzoi & Chart Polski, and has borzoi and Chart Polski (Polish Greyhounds).  She does conformation, but her heart is in performance, and she is active in lure coursing and LGRA.  She is a preservation breeder, breeding infrequently but with her focus on protecting both Borzoi & Chart Polskis by purposefully continuing their existence with health testing and intentionally selecting dogs bred for predictability, temperament, type, and health that fits the form and function of both breeds.  


Liz also has Scottish Highlander cattle, goats, and cats on her rural farm. 


Liz got involved in rescue because she feels that as a preservation breeder, part of protecting the breed as a whole includes rescue.  Liz says she was just not aware of how many years, miles, and wear and tear on her soul that rescue would take but she gets up every morning ready to take on another day for borzoi in need.

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