The rescue operation is costly, urgent and unfortunately, ongoing. The N.B.R.F. is made possible by the donations of our many supporters

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All occasion blank notecards Now available!

$18 includes shipping

Three whimsical, unique designs from the Borzoi artist community with a "Happily Ever After" story on the back.

Each pack consists of six cards. Choose an individual style or an assortment of all three. Envelopes and shipping are included.


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Borzoi in need

Help Borzoi in need TODAY by becoming a sustaining partner. A steady and reliable source of monthly donations will help the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation to save more lives. As little as $5 a month makes a BIG difference!

Join NBRF and become a sustaining partner by scheduling your recurring donation today. Thank you!

Have your dedication listed on the Wall of Gratitude! 
After making your recurring donation send an email to Katenbrf@gmail.com stating your wishes.


Betsy and David Quammen   

Rio the Podenco... Gratitude is the most powerful catalyst for happiness. It's the spark that ignites the world!

Desiree Machado in honor of... Myra, Ann Marie Wiseman and NBRF

Dorothea and Tim Coy in memory of... our beautiful Oksana

Susan White Arnett in appreciation for... the dedicated volunteers of NBRF and their efforts on behalf of this noble breed

Terry O'Brien in memory of... my Dad - Bud O'Brien

Mary Campagnolo in memory of... Hannah (formerly Pickle Hill Rozah)
Margie and Randy Salyer
Levanche Harris in honor of... all the Borzoi past, present and future who have found loving homes through NBRF
Nancy White Archerd
Joann Jespersen in memory of... Morgan
Pamela Wood-Tuli in memory of... Leopold
Lana Hernandez in memory of... Sergei, Feliks and Ivan
Jill Baxter in memory of... Alek, one of the Florida Five Puppies
Lexi`Rose in memory of... my brother Alek

Christine and Gilbert Lee
Heather Ingraham in gratitude for... Karina and Louie

Deane Crowther in gratitude for... Solomon Serendipity
Chet Weston in loving memory of... All my Borzoi Angels

Nancy White Archerd in memory of... Laurie and Tom Kasowski

Dorothea Coy in honor of... Carol Backers and Liz Duncan of NBRF

Janice Porter Gantenbein in honor of... Toma and Danne

Nancy White Archerd in honor of... Laurie and Tom Kasowski

Linda Hess-Layne

Deb Adams Spratt in memory of... Misha (Greta)

Sharon Haugen in memory of... Grace and her pups

Jaxam in memory of... Jay, Jesse, Mischa, Elissa, Nikko, Elliot, Bean, Shanna, Esprit, Jasper, Kosmos, Danya, Katie and Nipper

Ann-Marie Wiseman in honor of... Koltai and Kulia

Kate Watts in gratitude for... Lexi~Rose and Enzo Furrari of Livin LRG