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The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation is a rescue group, but in Ukraine there is no difference - for breeders and rescues alike, need is need.

Within our network of incredible people , Borzoi surrenders are fostered and placed using the same criteria that we follow for every NBRF dog.  Their forever homes are waiting.  But surrender is not the only option.  We also continue to work with the Ukraine Kennel Club and Borzoi breeders, providing assistance with relocation or sheltering in place.

We have a list of people that we are in contact with regularly, but rely on many eyes to keep us aware.  If you see a Borzoi family in need please send us a message through our website or Facebook.  Let's not let anyone fall through the cracks.

Rescue has no borders!! National Borzoi Rescue Foundation - International is stepping in to aid Borzoi trapped in Ukraine or those with their owners fleeing to safety in another European country. Donations for food, water, transportation and temporary housing are urgently needed. We are partnering with verified groups on the ground throughout the area to disperse aid as required and will continue to update as we gather more information. Having money earmarked for this specific purpose is essential to this unfolding situation.


  • Donations specifically for Refugee Borzoi in Ukraine can be made using the "Donate" button found at the bottom of this article or anywhere on this website - You will be brought to NBRF's PayPal page. Select "Ukraine Refugee Borzoi" from the drop down menu, the amount of your life saving gift and your choice to pay using PayPal or a debit/credit card.


If you need help, we need to hear from you!


NBRF: email -


PHONE: 844 - NBRF ZOI (844 - 627 - 3964)


Facebook - NBRF - NBRF International

As always, we thank our fantastic supporters for giving their all to Borzoi in need!


  • More information about the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation:

Established in 1994, NBRF is an all-volunteer rescue dedicated to the rescue & placement of all displaced borzoi. In 2014 the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation saw an opportunity to come to the aid of Borzoi overseas, and the International leg of this organization was founded. The need is great, the expenses are high, and the reward is priceless. So join us in coming to the "rescue" of Borzoi living in and fleeing from this terrible situation.

If you prefer to send a check our mailing address is: 

National Borzoi Rescue Foundation

Liz A. Duncan-Burge, Secretary/Treasurer

P.O. Box 231

Dix, IL 62830

choose Ukraine Refugee Borzoi from the drop down menu
Your gift will help bring aid to refugee Borzoi and their families counting on NBRF as a lifeline to survive these terrible conditions. 
March 2024

We ask a LOT of our Borzoi community! We ask for NBRF's Domestic program. We ask for NBRF's International program. And for two years now we've asked for NBRF's mission in Ukraine. We stepped up. YOU stepped up! We're it. No one else has built the resources that NBRF has to get it done. But the Ukraine funds are critically low. Without an influx of donations, food deliveries WILL NOT happen in March and beyond.

Please consider a one time or recurring donation to aid the Borzoi of Ukraine. Using the link above, choose "Ukraine Refugee Borzoi" from the drop down menu on NBRF's PayPal page. NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to:


PO Box 231

Dix, IL 62830

Our mission in Ukraine is separately funded as are the Domestic and International programs. Your continued donations are making it possible for Borzoi in Ukraine to remain with their families; to have food and preventative medicines. So much suffering has been alleviated because of our combined efforts. We are their life line. We are their hope.

Thank you

Senior boy in Ukraine.jpg
Winter 2023 - 2024
The recent updates received from Ukraine highlight continuing dangers and the need they are faced with daily. With gratitude for the many supporters of NBRF’s Giving Tuesday - Zip Up Hoodie - Campaign to benefit Borzoi in Ukraine and to The Flying Dog Foundation for their most recent grant to help NBRF’s work in Ukraine, our mission continues as we meet the most basic needs of food and preventative medicine.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in safety and peace, the horror of these stories is almost unimaginable. A missile struck just blocks from Ivan’s house. Georg was outside the house when it happened and suffered a contusion and numbness in his paws. He is expected to recover but another Borzoi NBRF was caring for was not so fortunate. Also caught up in missile explosions, Myron suffered a stroke and bleeding from his nose. On January eighth, Ukrainian Grand Champion and grand sire to NBRF - International rescues Starsky and Hutch, Myron died in the clinic. “We fought for his life for a long time, but a miracle did not happen.”

These are sobering reminders of the hardships and trauma of life in the Ukraine Borzoi community. Our sympathies to all who loved Myron and our sincere gratitude to everyone continuing to assist our work in Ukraine. Your kindness and generosity matters to many in need.


It is no small matter that NBRF's work in Ukraine continues. Food and medicine are delivered, vet visits and treatment for those sick or injured continue. The need of many across the planet continues to grow. Our ability to come to the aid of those in the Borzoi community depends entirely on our supporters. Gratitude to everyone that donates to ease the lives of these Borzoi and their families who are trying to give the best to their beloved dogs.

Please donate today to keep these dogs from going hungry and without care:

Choose Ukraine Refugee Borzoi from the dropdown.

Fall 2023
Ivan July 2023

The dog area and Ivan's home is complete. Work on the garage where humanitarian aid is stored and organized has begun.. Using his own sweat equity and your donations, progress has now gotten to the point of allowing Ivan to do what he does best; help Borzoi in need. Food and medicine runs continue and a very special senior Borzoi now calls Ivan’s home his own.

Georg could not have made a journey of the magnitude required to bring him to the U.S. Finding a home within a safe distance for him to travel proved to be difficult and time consuming: Georg found himself in a shelter. Enter Ivan, who even in the midst of his other duties, found time to be with Georg; ensuring him that he was not forgotten. They are beautiful together and now with a renovated place to share with him, Georg has found his forever home.

To you Ivan, you are truly an exceptional person! NBRF and the world wide Borzoi community are in your debt for all that you have done and continue to do for those in need. Thank you!

Peace and safety to you and your family

July 2023

For most of us, time passes, life goes on; we find joy in day to day activities, the normality of the lives we lead. And yet for those in the midst of the untenable situation in Ukraine, hope for everyday to return wanes. The struggle to survive continues.

You, the supporters of NBRF’s work in Ukraine, ease that worry. For those families with Borzoi to care for, that aspect of life becomes a bit less stressful, a bit more assured. We take that burden off of their shoulders. We give them the chance to focus on the bigger picture.


NBRF will continue our mission in Ukraine as long as we have the funds to do so. The Borzoi refugees of Ukraine are counting on us. We are counting on you, our supporters to help us do so.


Choose Ukraine Refugee Borzoi from the dropdown menu and donate today. Thank you!

Ukraine med delivery.jpg
Ivan's house on fire.jpg
May 29, 2023

Disaster has struck our Ukraine partner. Last night fire from a drone strike damaged much of Ivan’s home. Ivan, Inna and the dogs are safe. The interior was not destroyed. There is damage but the home is still livable. 

Ivan is the person who helps everyone else and distributes NBRF food and aid to Borzoi in need and now he needs help. Please make a tax deductible donation that will go direct to Ivan and his Mother Inna to provide assistance for them and their 4 Borzoi.

Ivan update: The quick actions of firefighters saved the main structure. Your rapid response with donations has enabled Ivan to purchase supplies and tools to begin clean up and rebuilding. Two days of scrubbing has removed soot from the interior of the home. Exterior cleanup and repairs are now underway in an effort to restore the property to a safe and livable condition.


Thankfully Ivan was home when the fire started and quickly got the dogs to safety because the dog area and storage building suffered the worst damage. Little beyond the dog food and medications were saved. Humanitarian aid, personal belongings, the storage structure, fencing and shelter areas have all been lost.


Ivan is humbled and grateful for your support! Your generosity towards he and his family has truly been a global effort with more $2,500 donated so far from: the USA, Canada, Italy, Austria, Poland, Germany and Switzerland! It fills our hearts to know that so many have come together for this deserving man.

Ivan House Fire Cleanup.jpg
May 2023

We understand; it is difficult to retain focus on a heart wrenching situation. The mind must rest, emotions calm. It is human nature.


It is also our nature to show compassion and concern for those in dire circumstances - to get back in the fray and keep doing what we know is right. NBRF continues that mission in Ukraine. There are no sides taken, just help where it is needed.


Borzoi are still counting on your generosity to get by. Funds are low and food, medicine and the essentials of life are still needed. Help us help Ukrainian Borzoi refugees whether in the country or surviving abroad.


Everything we do to help matters.


In Peace,


Team Borzoi

Food Run Ukraine 1.jpg

Look at what you’ve done! We are the refugee Borzoi of Ukraine. We have been displaced, hungry and scared; we’ve had to say good-bye to our humans and homes or have remained in a place of lesser conditions than we have ever known. But because of you, we have not had to walk this difficult journey alone.

To the supporters of NBRF’s work in Ukraine - you fill our bellies and ensure medicine. You’ve brought us to safety and kept us warm. You have made and continue to make our lives better. We are the refugee Borzoi of Ukraine and because of you, we are not alone.

Thank you!!

313754118_665444558606521_7097271944705066738_n 2.jpg
331077001_739868120837212_5728873471017909816_n 2.jpg

We do not celebrate this anniversary nor find joy in its arrival. One year. One year of survival. One year of immeasurable loss. One year of struggle to maintain a lifeline to Borzoi and their people of Ukraine in a circumstance most cannot imagine.

NBRF’s work continues and will continue as long as we are needed. We are as committed as day one. Are you?

Calling on Borzoi clubs, organizations and individuals to support this cause. We need you to ensure that the life line goes unbroken. We cannot step aside. By reaching out to friends, family and organizations, our strength is multiplied. Share the stories of our work. Ask them to join this essential cause -

NBRF’s ongoing facebook fundraiser “Refugee Borzoi of Ukraine” is one of four collection points:

One time and recurring donations may be scheduled by accessing our new PayPal donation system: or by using any DONATE button on our website: - Choose “Ukraine Refugee Borzoi” from the drop down arrow in the “use this donation for” box.

Gofundme is another avenue to pledge your support:

NBRF also gratefully accepts checks sent to: NBRF PO Box 231, Dix, IL 62830 - Please specify “Ukraine” on the memo line.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding how to pledge your support for Ukrainian Borzoi and their families please contact Kate Watts:

Together is the hope of tomorrow.

In peace,


February 2023

Grateful, warm, fed Borzoi. Because this is what matters

Thank you to many generous donors for continuing to support NBRF's vital work in Ukraine. Everything we do as one is multiplied and these photos are just a glimpse of what we continue to accomplish together.

Become a sustaining partner by scheduling a recurring donation, pledge your support with a single donation; every dollar matters. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

Access our new PayPal system HERE or by using any DONATE button on this website. Click on the dropdown arrow and choose "Ukraine Refugee Borzoi"

NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to:

PO Box 231, Dix, IL 62830

Thank you for the heat, the food & the medicine! Because of you we are not hungry!
Be proud of what we continue to accomplish together. Share these stories with your friends and family; invite them to help support the Refugee Borzoi of Ukraine! 
Please help us and our families! Your generosity matters!!

February 2023

In late February of 2022, the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation made a commitment to the Borzoi and their people in Ukraine. Not for one moment has our commitment wavered.

We continue to assist those displaced by this war and those still surviving in their country: food, medicines and the essentials of life are delivered by a brave and dedicated team. But options can be limited and difficult decisions are made every day.

Since the beginning of the war, NBRF has aided the young Borzoi you see arriving here now in the US. Your donations helped to evacuate and support them and their family after fleeing to safety. Months later, your donations have now brought them to the U.S. where they can lead the lives they would not be able to as refugees.

How can we not be moved by this? To lose home, country, family and now to selflessly say goodbye to your beloved Borzoi in order to give them a better life. How can we not be moved?

Very soon, we will mark a year that this untenable situation has played out. NBRF leads the supply chain to aid Borzoi families. Donor commitment must be as strong as ours to continue. We need your help. NBRF is a rescue organization but in Ukraine, need is need. This is larger than rescue, this affects our entire community.

Calling on Borzoi clubs, organizations and individuals to support this cause. Recurring donations of any amount will ensure that the life line to those in need continues. We cannot step aside.

Please join us by becoming a sustaining partner in this mission. Sign up today and pledge your support to the Borzoi and their families of Ukraine.

Thank you!

Your monthly gift will help bring aid to refugee Borzoi and their families counting on NBRF as a lifeline to survive these terrible conditions. 

UPDATE 12/17/2022






Winter is upon Ukraine and NBRF’s efforts have stepped up considerably. Many areas have electricity as little at 2 hours per day. Temps are below freezing with even colder weeks and months ahead. Without electricity there is no heat. NBRF has been able to facilitate wood burning stoves and wood for a few but it is a difficult and costly process.


The Ukraine fund, which is separate from NBRF and NBRF - International funds, is at its lowest level. Borzoi families are counting on us more than ever as the situation continues to deteriorate. Food for the dogs and their humans, medicine, the basic essentials of life are needed!


This team effort requires you as the first link in the chain. Your donation begins the process of feeding a hungry Borzoi and their family, procuring an alternative heat source, moving to a safer location. 


If your fortune finds you in a position of safety and comfort this holiday season, please consider helping another achieve the basics to survive. We have done so much together this year. Let us continue this herculean effort.


Donations are accepted through this fundraiser also found pinned to the top of NBRF facebook pages.


Or by using any donation button on our website  (specify Refugee Borzoi in the notes section of your payment page)


Or gofundme: 


NBRF also gratefully accepts checks mailed to: NBRF - PO Box 231 - Dix, IL 62830 (specify Refugee Borzoi on the memo line)


We have boots on the ground and a direct connection to Ukraine! If you know of a charity that is collecting money for Ukraine, please have them contact NBRF at: or for further details of our credentials.


Peace and goodwill this holiday season.


UPDATE 12/1/2022


In the early stages of the war, a man in Southern Russia received a call from a Ukrainian friend. Two Borzoi girls needed help. Viktor had dedicated his life to saving animals and the evolving conflict would not affect his mission. He dropped everything and forged ahead.


The girls’ journey was long and difficult; from Ukraine to Southern Russia and on to Moscow where they were joined by another rescue girl. From Moscow to Belarus and then on to Poland before reaching their final destination, 8 months later here in the US. They needed the people of five countries to complete their journey. Their names are Nadia, Myrna and Zoya. They represent how conflict is overcome by our common goals to rescue animals. No borders, no conflicts. We rescue Borzoi.


Please join us in welcoming Myrna (Ukrainian for Peace), Nadia (Hope) and Zoya (Life) to their new lives. This we do together; changing lives, one Borzoi at a time.


NBRF's work continues in Ukraine but we need your help. Your donations helped write this story. Your donations are needed to help write the next.


Donations for NBRF’s help for Refugee Borzoi are accepted through our current facebook fundraiser found in the “featured” section at the top of both NBRF pages, by using any DONATE button on this website or by mail: NBRF PO Box 231 - Dix, IL 62830 specify “Refugee Borzoi”  in the notes/memo section of your payment page when using the website or by mail.


UPDATE 11/17/2022

This is what your support means to those in need.

"so… now I want to say THANKS A LOT!!

for: National Borzoi Rescue Foundation and Ann Marie Wiseman

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

YOU have been supporting us every day, as well as other breeders of the breed! YOU provide not only food but also heat (wood stoves) for our houses. Giving us warmth and full tummies.

YOU help on the road, and with the cost of delivering humanitarian aid to those in need!

YOU are sent to us by GOD! No other way! And we will continue to fight and win, protect our borzoi, and give help and hope to those who seek it!

So.. thanks a LOT for all that you do! It is very important to us!"

- Ivan

Dear Ivan,

Thank you for your kind words. Your compassionate heart and your courage has made it possible to help the people and pets in Ukraine. You spend all of your time helping others. No task is too big or too small and you go where ever you are needed and do all that you can for those in need. It is truly an honor working with you.

Stay safe and stay strong


UPDATE 11722 Borzoi families in Ukraine are facing a new hardship; how to survive the cold

Update 10/29/22

NBRF’s mission in Ukraine continues. It is fortunate to have had few new needs these last days and weeks. Maintaining food and medicine deliveries for those Borzoi and families relying on aid is becoming more challenging with recent developments. And with Winter coming on these challenges will only increase further. NBRF here and abroad is committed to doing everything we can to assist those in need. 


We remain focused on the task at hand and grateful to each person in the Borzoi community for your help. For the eyes and ears alerting us to those in need, for Ivan and his team working non stop for the people and animals of Ukraine and for the generosity shown again and again through this lengthy ordeal; donations are the base on which our work is built. Thank you!!


The magnitude of what we are doing together is unprecedented. Help us to continue this important mission.


Donations for NBRF’s help for Refugee Borzoi are accepted through our current fundraiser found in the “featured” section at the top of this page, at our website: or by mail: NBRF PO Box 231 - Dix, IL 62830 specify “Refugee Borzoi”  in the notes/memo section of your payment page when using the website or by mail.


As NBRF's network expanded, the need for humanitarian aid became more apparent. Separately funded, teams in Ukraine and Poland continue to deliver life saving food, medicine and supplies to underserved rural villages, orphanages, senior centers and schools of Ukraine.


Donations are accepted for the humanitarian effort being put forth by the Borzoi community to aid the people of Ukraine by using any "Donate" button found at the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation's website or by USPS: NBRF PO Box 231 - Dix, IL 62830  - Specify "Forgotten Villages" in the notes/memo section of your payment page when using the website or by mail.

UPDATE 9/12/2022

Sasha the elder statesman from Ukraine living a life of comfort and content in Hungary. At eleven years old, his life is his to live, sleeping on the cool terrace with food available for the asking. He jumps on the sofa like a young dog and even enjoys the occasional run. Thank you Edit Vereczki for giving this handsome boy a safe, soft place to land.


Sasha is just one of the stories made possible by supporters of NBRF's work in Ukraine. He continues to be loved and cared for on a journey of two countries, winning hearts from around the world. Together we are making a difference.


To donate to our ongoing efforts in Ukraine: click on any donate button and add Refugee Borzoi in the notes section of your payment page. NBRF also gratefully accepts checks (memo - Refugee Borzoi) mailed to NBRF PO Box 231 - Dix, IL 62830


 Thank you Team Borzoi!!

_82722 Six months ago NBRF’s work in Ukraine began. What started out as helping with basic
UPDATE 81222 As the need in Ukraine continues, so do our efforts. It tests our strength an

UPDATE 7/16/2022

Fifa: NBRF-International Ukraine evacuee now living the high life in Italy. #Ciao

Zabava: You first saw her in the back of Ivan’s car. A senior girl who had been abandoned to the streets, scared and alone. Ivan’s work, fueled by his compassion and funded by your donations extends far beyond removing the immediate threat. Love and trust are learned again. Zabava will live out the rest of her life in Hungary where she is available for adoption.


To everyone donating to make these stories possible and especially to Ivan and Inna for being on the front lines of this mission, thank you!!

UPDATE 7142022 Their breeders and families made huge sacrifices for their futures. Your do
Benvenuto in Italia.png
Update June 26th Another Borzoi family reaches a safer place. This difficult and essential
Update 6232022 The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation - International has identified and co
279894450_7625190440854849_8402459436987344474_n 2.jpg
Update 652022 The first update of our continued fundraiser is a happy one!! Abandoned in U
Update 5222022 “SURVIVING AMONG THE RUINS… THEY NEED MUCH MORE” As our network expands the
Update 5192022 Using your donations, an additional 17 Borzoi and 2 of their pack-mates rec
Update 5152022 We asked for a little and received a lot! It’s been a very busy week and mu
Update 572022 From a previously occupied area North of Kyiv, attempts to relocate and reun
Update 4292022 NBRF’s “Help for Refugee Borzoi” fundraiser released an update on 372022 wi


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Untitled design (2).png
The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation is a rescue group but in Ukraine there is no differe

Artwork donated by Ukrainian artist Anastasia Stus

The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation wishes to express sincere gratitude for the financia
NBRF organized the surrender of the 6 puppies and 2 yearlings from the shelter in Borispol
UPDATE 4102022 March 23rd brought news of 6 Borzoi who were surrendered to NBRF as they be
UPDATE 3292022 Staying or evacuating; each decision brings its own set of hardships for th
We have 6 Borzoi safety evacuated from Ukraine. All six dogs were surrendered to NBRF by t
The National Borzoi Rescue Foundation gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the Internat
Update 31522 Whatever it takes!! These are your donations to NBRF Refugee Borzoi at work P


3112022 All of our energy is being spent connecting those who have resources to those in n
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Update 352022 Details are few while our focus remains on the immediate needs of the people
By clicking the DONATE button you will be brought to NBRF's PayPal page. Once there click the down arrow and select "Ukraine Refugee Borzoi". 
Your gift will help bring aid to refugee Borzoi and their families counting on NBRF as a lifeline to survive these terrible conditions. 
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