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Kate Watts

My introduction to the beautiful world of Borzoi was a neighbor's Borzoi/Labrador mix. Abby was the best of both dogs who could swim almost as fast as she could run. Though I knew and loved Labs, I had never heard of Borzoi. I still remember that first Googled picture. They were the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen!

Abby's hands on, subtle, loving disposition won our hearts quickly. Right then and there we knew that our next dog would be a Borzoi and her name would be Elegant. Ellie did not disappoint. She was my heart dog, my inspiration for all things beautiful in this world, ruining this family for any other breed - ever.

I believe that supporting rescue goes hand in hand with the love of canines, particularly a chosen breed. It is never through any fault of their own that a dog ends up in need. Carol Backers took us under her wing early on, answering questions, sharing in triumphs and trials. She inspired our years long support for NBRF.

My husband and I are currently owned by two NBRF Zoi - Lexi-Rose Gracefully and Enzo Furrari - each with their own brand of love, bringing joy to our lives.


It is my honor to now be a small part of the NBRF team of amazing people dedicated to this incredible breed. 


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