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NBRF Pupdate - Lina

Updated: May 4

"I was a young girl visiting a friend when I saw my first Borzoi and had wanted one ever since. I was transfixed - it was love-at-first-sight! I couldn’t believe how they glided so elegantly through the house. Then in 2019 we adopted Lina."

NBRF rescue Lina was approximately one year old when she was welcomed home by her forever family. Now 6 years young, with the grace of a Borzoi, this beautiful girl continues to make her human's dreams come true.

She and her pack-mate rescue Greyhound, Hank, were even made famous by being the subjects of an article in the "Columbia Metropolitan" magazine!

Thank you Carol and Sean for making this beautiful girl's dreams come true too and for giving her the Happily Ever After she deserves!



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