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NBRF Pupdate - Cossack

"Greetings, Borzoi lovers!

My name is Cossack, and I allow my human Mayra, to cater to my needs, so she will be taking dictation for me since she has opposable thumbs...

I currently reside in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and am doing well as I have re-taken up my position with my human as her "Russian Oligarch", of course, using her money, transportation, and food to keep me up to the status and comfort to which I easily got used to! I have several American dog friends which I lower myself to go for walks with as they tend to amuse me. Our walks are a lot of fun, but if it's too cold, or rainy, my human refuses to escort me on the walks. How rude of her! I have a lovely female Borzoi that I live with named "Reina", that uses her wiles to flirt with me, but keep me at "front leg length". She drives me insane... but since I was "fixed" by a brutal veterinarian, I can't do anything about my interest, anyway! A pox on anti-communist Vets!

I have gained a little weight since I have gotten to my humans home, although not much, since I was a little "chusky" when I got here, but all royalty gets a little overweight from living the good life! I even allow my human to periodically "scritch" my belly! What an honor I have bestowed upon her... don't you think?

All I need to do to get anything I want is give a small "yip" and stare at what I want... my human, Mayra, has gotten pretty good at understanding the Russian Dog Language... go for a walk? Stare at front door... Bathroom? Stare at back door! Need a dog cookie? Stare at the tin! All with a small "yip" for attention!

Well, it's time for my nap! Let me go get my rest, so I will have energy for this afternoon. My human says we will be going to the dog park today! I always enjoy lowering myself to non- royal dog's levels and pretend I'm a normal dog! It's nice to pretend to be a " normal" dog every once in a while! Take care, all of you "owned" by Borzois... You are all doing God's work!"

Dear Cossack, on behalf of Borzoi everywhere, we commend you on the fine job you have done training your staff! Supervision is so important. Maybe you could hold a class teaching humans proper royal etiquette sometime?

Holding you in high esteem,

Your fans in Zoidom


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