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NBRF, NBRF - International Pupdate - Coco and Kallie

Another beautiful family brought together by NBRF's international cooperation of rescue without borders.

"It’s hard to believe that almost 5 years has passed since my wonderful NBRF Domestic rescue, Coco (in the red harness) entered my life, followed almost a year later by the addition another borzoi to our family, NBRF - International rescue, Kallie (black harness) from South Korea.

It didn’t take long for both of these dogs to get used to the good life, and they soon figured out all the ways to wrap me around their “little” paws! It’s been fun for me to see how they both have unique and quirky personalities, always keeping me laughing.

Kallie is the queen of the house and can be standoffish with anyone she deems unworthy of her attention, while Coco is everybody’s best friend. Coco loves to see his sister Zoë (blue harness) either at the many planned Sacramento Sighthound Society events or at fun sleepovers at our house.

Both these pups have enriched my life so much and I couldn’t love them anymore if I tried.❤️"

These are the updates we love to hear; Borzoi from around the world who come together for each other and unite the humans of this amazing rescue community. Thank you, David, for giving 5 years of Happily Ever After to these deserving souls. Long may you continue to love!

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