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NBRF Pupdate - Piper

Updated: Jan 11

Hi everyone, it's me, Piper! Look past my before picture! I do not like to share it but you must know how much life has changed for me in the 18 months since I was rescued. Talk about the good life now!! It's hard for the humans to keep their hands off of my lush, thick fur and this senior body is feeling pretty good. I get to spend my days lazing around outside or in comfort on the bed and even have a meal or two there!

Life went a little upside down this past Summer when, you won't believe it but... The Mom brought home a PUPPY!! She said he was really sick and needed our help. His name is Niko, maybe you've heard of him; he's like famous or something. Anyway, he and Rudy have a lot of fun together and leave me out of their shenanigans so I'm ok with that.

Thanks NBRF for stepping up when I needed you most! And thanks to Mom and Dad for giving me your everything. I love you lots!

Peace, Love, Rescue Borzoi,



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