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NBRF Pupdate - Lizzie

Updated: Jan 11

Lisette/Lizzie - Lisette was found wandering the streets of New Orleans. A young girl with a skin condition so bad that it had almost stripped her of what should have been a beautiful Borzoi coat. No one was looking for her. No microchip was found.

Lisette has grown and blossomed much these past six months. Now known as Lizzie this gorgeous girl has healthy skin, a lush coat and a forever home that adores her.

"Lizzie is gentle and social, a perfect ambassador that loves giving hugs. She is a creature of habit and knows to the second when supper is due but her sense of humor is on full display when it is time to come inside. Can you say ZOOMIES?


Her biggest challenge is learning to be a pack member. She is the toddler with inexhaustible energy who loves to play. Even the four year old of the household can't keep up with her.

Specialties include, playing with toys: "Would you like my toy? You can have my toy... Haha, no you can't! Let's play TUG!!", cuddles and dancing on her hind legs. She allows nail trims and leash walks politely but woe be to any varmint in our yard!

We've fostered many Borzoi for NBRF and there was only one that came close to our family saying "this is the one." And then we met Lizzie; she is PERFECT and we love her so much!"

Think of the network it took to ensure this girl's Happily Ever After! Transport, Foster, Adopt, Donate is its most simplistic form. There are caring, dedicated people along each step of the journey, each as important as the rest. What is changing the life of a Borzoi worth? Well it's priceless.

Thank you Doug and Sarah for making this girl's dreams come true!


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