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NBRF - International Pupdate - Lana

NBRF - International Rescue, Lana arrived 4 years ago from Russia. Her notes read that she was very kind and gentle with people but bossy and growly when meeting new pack dogs.

She jumped a 3ft patio wall with great ease, was a major counter surfer, somewhat food dominant, and quite clever; able to open cabinets and doors. Walking Lana on a leash could be difficult as she reacted aggressively to other dogs but could be controlled and redirected with a correction collar and treats.

In the house Lana was quiet and well behaved, learning English commands and procedures very quickly. All of this translated to Lana needing a home with the patience, love and guidance to share with this large, strong girl.

Now four years later, we are delighted to share this glimpse into Lana's Happily Ever After.

"I saw my first Borzoi at the 2018 Irish Wolfhound National specialty show. He (or she) was testing out the LGRA course prior to the beginning of the first official run.

 Shortly after, I joined the NBRF Facebook page and filled out an application. NBRF thought that Lana might be a good fit and they couldn't have been more right. It's been a whirlwind since May of 2020. Many people helped in getting her to me and I'm forever grateful.

Lana loves to lounge, go for walks and car rides. She is so, so loved."

Thank you, Erica for being exactly what Lana needed to thrive! Your dedication has given her the freedom to be herself and the social skills to live a full and happy life!! Long may you continue to love, learn and grow together 🩷



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