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Willow aka Sophie

I have had to have 2 drinks before this post. My precious Miss Willow, aka Sophie 2 of the Texas 8 from September 2018, will cross over tomorrow. In February 2019 I had her spayed & left mammary chain removed due to Adenocarcinoma in both chains. Within the last week she has developed the cancer outside of her right lower chest. I thought I had more time to show her the love she was deprived of. She was showered with love, food & attention while here. She returned that love daily. I am devastated, but I know she knew she was special & loved beyond measure. She gained weight, confidence & a beautiful coat, but I'm just not ready. Please pray for her & myself tomorrow as I hold her, talk to her & tell her how special & loved she is. Run free, without pain my precious Willow til we meet again

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