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Thyme and Teona’s Mom. I’d like to thank NBRF for our T’s! I have wanted a Borzoi for decades. After submitting our application, we learned that only these siblings were available for adoption. Their foster parents just raved about them, so we decided to go for it. Either all Borzois are amazing, or we just got lucky - these dogs are sooooooooooooo good. They’re horribly spoiled, enjoy watching nature shows on TV, and of course, getting pets. Gotta love ‘em! Now, to hear from the dogs.
It’s Thyme and Teona we are here in Malta, OH. NBRF let us come here just before Thanksgiving. At first, things were pretty strange. There were already two other dogs here, and we think it’s rather unfair having to share our humans’ attention with them. Thyme is a bit of a Momma’s boy and I am a Daddy’s girl. Thankfully, winter is over, so it’s not as wet and muddy outside. We don’t like getting our dainty little feet wet. We are the dogs of royalty after all.
We love it here, but you there are some rules. For instance, the two leggeds get to eat different food from the four leggeds and we like theirs much better! So, we tried to get the food off their plates, but they EXPLAINED to us that wasn’t how things are done, so, we don’t do that anymore. Also, they made us get down from that giant, flat, comfy “couch” in the bedroom - what’s up with that? Guess we’ll have to settle for the couches in the living room, at least those aren’t off limits. We do enjoy all the hugs and pets and cuddles. We do get to watch TV, although we don’t get to choose the channel. The bestest thing ever has been the past couple of months - that Mom and Dad never leave the house! There’s always someone around to give us the attention we so richly deserve.
Jack here. First there was me, then there was Jane, but she is kind of afraid of people so I had all the attention, now I have to share, cause those two are attention hogs! So it’s been a bit of adjustment for me. But just look at me, I’m a pretty happy goof, so it’s all good. I can’t really keep up with their zoomies, but I play tug with Teona sometimes. The T’s often join me outside when I’m barking at soaring vultures or deer outside the fence. Thyme and I had a bit of an adjustment period due to our Y chromosomes, but we have sorted things out pretty well and get along for the most part.
Jane speaking. I have been SO EXCITED to have somebody to race around the yard with. Before the T’s came, I was pretty afraid of the humans, well, afraid of everything really. But those T’s want to get pets from the humans all the time, and you know what? I’m kind of thinking that humans might not be so scary after all. I’ve decided to let them pet me more often, and I just love getting brushed. Since Thyme and Teona came, I’m smiling and wagging my tail much more often.

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