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Stevie Nicks

Happy Gotcha Day Stevie Nicks!! Keep defying the odds Sweetheart 💛 You are proof positive that everyday is a gift.
Gratitude to Stevie's forever humans - Sharon and Bart - for giving so freely of your hearts. You are both truly special!
"Saturday was Stevie Nick's one year Gotcha Day. Was not sure she would here to celebrate that day as she has terminal cancer. We love her to the moon and back. Thankful that NBRF rep Elizabeth Lemoine Hardwick called us in August 2019 and said we have a 9 year old borzoi that needs a soft landing. Would that soft landing be your home? Thankful to Liz Duncan for putting the transport together. Thankful to Joanne Ardizzone for helping with the transport and fostering her for a few days. Always thankful to NBRF for our three borzoi - thank you for entrusting us with these precious souls. Stevie Nicks turned 10 in July."

A year ago next month Stevie came to rescue, a senior in need of a soft place to land. Whispers of not everything being well for her soon followed but, she is a strong girl and those whispers were silenced for a time. That changed in May with a diagnosis no one wants to hear.
Her's is a lesson in time, the importance of appreciating every day. They are not a given which makes today all the more special.
This is her day! A bonus day with cause for celebration 🎉
Please join NBRF in wishing the beautiful Stevie Nicks a very Happy 10th Birthday!!
Love, joy and comfort to you Sweetheart!!

Sweet, Beautiful and Elegant Stevie Nicks crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. We were blessed to have this wonderful girl for just over a year. In that time she learned to give love and receive love. Always wanted to be wherever we were in the house She has left her paw prints on our hearts. She beat her cancer diagnosis of 1-2 months. We will miss her so much. She is in a much better place: resting, pain free and breathing fresh scented air.

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