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Liberty aka China Lady (China)

Hi, my name is Liberty. Actually, that's Lady Liberty to you. I'm the gal previously known as China Lady, who came all the way from the China meat market with the help of NBRF.
I live in Texas now. I have a comfy house with thick soft beds on the floor because I don't like being off the ground. My roommates are my mom, my pesky sister Harper (a boxer mix), and a pesky foster sister Sequoyah (an Afghan Hound). They are pesky because ALL human attention must come to ME ME ME, not other dogs, only ME! I am not an aloof Borzoi. Every human is my friend!
After a few months of adapting to my new routine and gaining strength, I decided that I really like food and I eat a lot of it!. Mom has to keep me on a careful diet so I don't gain too much weight, because I still have musculo-skeletal weakness from my previous conditions of confinement. I can take short walks but I can't stand for very long without trembling, and I need to lie down. I get medicine for my arthritis which helps a lot. You'll notice from my photos that my backside is less curved under me than it used to be, and that my coat has grown in to be thick and luscious. I'm quite the babe now.
Mom takes me for nice walks with my sister Harper. I dance like a ballerina when the leash comes out, because I love walks!! Harper wants me to act the same way she does on the leash (like ... calm and obedient!), but I am a willful Borzoi, so I will do things my way!! One day I pulled Mom off the curb and she twisted her ankle and scraped her knee. Harper wanted to run for help, but I stayed right with Mom and asked her how I could help. When she finally started trying to get up, she said, "Brace," and I knew exactly what to do! I stood strong and tall like a statue so Mom could stand up. Then Harper and I walked like little angels right beside her all the way home. I'm a very good brace dog!! I am glad to have an important purpose in my family!
I'm grateful to NBRF and all the folks who got me into my new home. I'm a good-natured and happy girl. I am content knowing that every day I will have a dry bed, plenty of food, clean water, and loving touches. Even though you can see the scars on my skin, the misshapenness of my spine, and my many broken teeth, that does not define me nor portend my future. Today, tomorrow, and all the days to come will be filled with joy (and pesky housemates) because many humans took the time and gave the money to make a difference in this dog's life. I thank you and I love you for it.
Liberty in Texas

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