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PUPDATE: James is thriving in his new home in Canada with Abigail Turner, and James’ birth mother, Rescue Brianne!!! Abigail uses North Shore Dig Walkers to give her pups extra exercise, stimulation, and socialization… Here is their first report on James:
Hi Abigail,
James did great on his first walk with us today, he’s such a sweetheart and was a pleasure to have out with us! 🙂
He’s a friendly and happy boy, and played well with the other dogs, and got along especially well with his new friend Oscar. James seemed to really enjoy his time on trail and got very excited when seeing other dogs, and he’s a strong boy and quick, so we’ll have to work on this. James is great and very energetic, overall a wonderful dog, and we’re so happy to have him in our groups! We look forward to seeing him again tomorrow! 🙂

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