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We are celebrating a milestone with Susan White Arnett. Bella is Heartworm NEGATIVE!! Thank you Susan for your dedication to this beautiful girl 💛 and for sharing with us another great Pupdate!!
“Liz and June brought Bella and two of her brothers by about a year and a half ago. I just knew I was going to get a male, but Bella was the only one that would even make a half-hearted attempt to make eye contact with me.
While Bella and Jazzy (my little lab/pit/Pyrenees street urchin) immediately bonded over a game of tug of war, she kept her distance from me.
Bella initially tested negative for heartworms, then she tested positive within 6 months. My mind immediately went to all those dark places with Bella's treatment.
I am so incredibly grateful for Liz and June guiding me through Bella’s treatment. They really had to talk me through things and maintained incredible patience with me. I love how NBRF maintains their support for the life of the dog!
Bella is still a bit skittish. She doesn't yet accept love from strangers, BUT she now goes up, sniffs and gives them a kiss. HUGE progress.
She and Jazzy continue to be the best of buds and when she does that little "time to play" dance, it makes my heart melt all over again.
She is a happy girl who enjoys doggie day care and Starbucks Pup Cups.
Thank you to NBRF for making me part of the Team Borzoi Pack!”

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