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We'd never been a part of rescue. A need arose, great and urgent, and a friend put out the word that transport volunteers were needed. We said, "Sure" Several dogs and hundreds of miles later, they said they needed a few more foster homes and again we said, "Sure". Those two "sures" SURE changed our life.....for the better. Of the dogs we had transported to their fosters, she was by FAR the most fearful. We had to pour her out of the kennel. She was frozen in fear, a borzoi statue. We managed to get her muzzled and into the house and then into a kennel. As she cowered in the corner refusing to make eye contact, I questioned whether I really had the "stuff" for rescue or foster. Maybe I should have stuck to transport....Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed my book, sat down next to the kennel, ignoring her and began reading softly out loud. By the 2nd chapter, she had turned her head to face me. By the 4th chapter, she sniffed the air and then relaxed...which I put in the "win" column. I grabbed my phone and began searching for a name. Nameless Baby Girl wasn't going to cut it, so I decided on Adeline, which means Noble. Urban dictionary further defined it "Adelines are loud and fun and they don't care what other people think about them. They're beautiful and can do awesome-sauce things." She's been Addie Addie Awesome Sauce ever since. AND OH, how far she's come! She is sassy. She is Quirky. She is goofy. She is an endless source of entertainment. But the best part is she LOVES at 100%. She is sweet and she is soulful. When we agreed to foster, my thinking was "We have 4 dogs, we don't need 5" Was I ever wrong. It didn't take long to realize she was the spice we were missing in our family recipe. She was the secret ingredient that just made everything better-er! We made her an official part of our family December 22, 2018. Our whole family agreed that there was no way she could possibly beloved MORE than we loved we made her ours.

I closed the door to take a call that couldn’t be interrupted. I came out of the room to THIS! 😂😂😂 THIS is why we refer to our NBRF girl as Addie Addie Awesome Sauce. This goofball is my attitude adjuster and she is AWESOME - every day in every way! ❤️❤️❤️It’s like she waited patiently outside the door JUST to make me giggle. Dogs are the BEST!!

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