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Adam aka Igor (Russia)

Hello, NBRF friends! Igor here, formerly known as Adam from Russia. It’s been about 10 months since I took over my family’s house, and I couldn’t be happier. I have a little Borzoi brother, Ivan, who just turned one. He’s kind of annoying sometimes, but I love having another Borzoi around, and he’s starting to be a normal non-puppy dog. I also have a whole pile of cat sisters, and as long as they don’t come to the cozy den I created under the dining room table I think they’re pretty cool beasts. If they do, I just look at them funny and they get the message. I go for three walks a day (my choice, and my humans get me and are happy to accommodate), including one super-fun hike in the woods. But my tip-top favorite semi-outdoor activity is car rides. They’re the best! I love them so much that I’ll hop into any car I walk past if they leave the windows open! I’ve never met a car I don’t like Inside, I love cuddling, sleeping, cuddling, sleeping some more, and reminding my attentive humans that I’m the very best. It took me a bit to figure out what toys were, but I’ll occasionally play now, mostly when Ivan has something I want.
My family has probably 100,000 pictures of me and my first year-ish here, but I’ll attach a few of my favorites. Thanks for trusting my family with me – they’re so grateful, and so am I!.
Igor L.

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