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Hi everyone, an update from Brienne to let you all know how I am doing. I am one of the TC dogs. I am living in North Vancouver B.C. and loving it. I arrived here about a year and 1/2 ago and I have to admit that everything was very strange when I first arrived. I was extremely frightened and actually was so scared that I wiggled my way out of the garden the first day. Mom could not figure out how I managed to do it, but I think she eventually clued in to the fact that I somehow managed to squish myself under the fence, so they put ground level running boards around the entire garden perimeter. I did give it a go a couple more times but fortunately only got out the once. It all ended extremely well though, as one of the neighbours found me and ended up taking me all the way up to Whistler, where I spent the night in a four-star Fairmont Hotel. After that I figured that Canada was probably pretty good for me, and I have come to appreciate some of the finer things in life, like lovely hotels, soft beds and comfy couches.
When I first arrived, I was living with Sasha (who was from the same breeder) and Alina (a Pickle Hill NBRF rescue). They were both very kind and helped me adjust. Unfortunately, we lost Sasha about a year ago, as his back end failed and he could no longer walk. My family was extremely upset. However, not too long after that, Mom popped me into the SUV one day and we headed back over the border to Washington State. We met up with another SUV there and, much to my great surprise and delight James, one of my puppies, jumped out of the back! We had a good “dog dance” in the parking lot together and again to my delight, James came home with us. You should have seen the expression on the border guard’s face when we pulled up to the border crossing and first my head popped out of one of the windows to say hello and then James did the same thing right beside me! Having two large borzoi saying hello was not exactly what he expected! He laughed and we sailed through with no problems.
So now James, Alina and I all live together. James and I have great fun bouncing around the garden, crashing around the house, stealing shoes, lying on beds, totally hogging the couch and going for walks up in the mountains. Alina is a bit elderly now and we have to be careful not to knock her over. … So all is well. I am settled in, I have learned how to relax and am living with a family who loves me very much. All in all, I am very happy and very thankful to everyone who helped get me here. Hugs, Brienne.

Me and my boy James

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