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Bayamo aka Xiobei

It's been over three years since I've had to fend for myself like I did in Russia. My meals are prepared for me now! No more hunting to survive though I do still enjoy the sport occasionally 😉 Treats are always available, I have a family who loves me unconditionally and a pack mate I'm helping to raise. But don't let the stylish clothes and cushy surroundings fool you, I am still BORZOI; fast and strong!!

Happy Birthyday Bayamo We made it through his terrible puppy stage. Let's see he ate my Ethan Allen bedroom furniture, chair rail in dining room, several tv remotes and too much more to mention. I really had my doubts he would ever grow into achieving "good doggie" status but slowly but surely he is getting there! Happy Birthday big red puppy from China!

NBRF - International rescue, Bayamo, has had a lot to overcome in his young life. A survivor from
China, Bay made his way to the U.S. in 2018. There have been emotional ups and downs but the love
and dedication of his forever family continues to give this boy the safety and security he needs so
much. Last Spring Bay lost an important member of his support team when his pack-mate, Aiden,
crossed to the Bridge.
"Bay has been not his perky self since and we've been working with an internal specialist. Maybe it's
all related to hip pain but I am still on the fence. I think a big part of it is he misses Aidan."
We send all our best to you Bayamo and to your amazing family. You are surrounded by the
goodness of many thoughts and positive energy. May this be the beginning of your best year yet!

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