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Baxter aka Pylay (Russia)

WELCOME PYLAY FROM RUSSIA: Thank you so much Anna & Pascal for driving from NJ to meet Pylay from Russia at JFK airport. We also thank them for fostering him until transportation is coordinated to his new "forever home" And we can never thank them enough for giving their NBRF Borzoi a wonderful caring home also. And thank you for our super folks in Russia that always do such a wonderful job & care so much about Borzoi in need. Team Borzoi is the BEST & we can't do it without them!!!

Hi everyone, it's me Baxter. Maybe you remember my epic trip to the USA? My name was Pylay back then.
It's been over three years since I've had to fend for myself like I did in Russia. My meals are prepared for me now! No more hunting to survive though I do still enjoy the sport occasionally 😉 Treats are always available, I have a family who loves me unconditionally and a pack mate I'm helping to raise. But don't let the stylish clothes and cushy surroundings fool you, I am still BORZOI; fast and strong!!
Life after NBRF - International stepped in is amazing!!! Thanks everyone who helped finance and organize my journey. It matters every single day!! Love and long leans xox

NBRF - International rescue Baxter here to say thank you to the good people of NBRF for saving me from a life of bare survival, alone in the forests of SW Russia. It's been almost 6 years of happily ever after with my beloved forever family and I am so grateful for my life ❤️
Thank you, Debra, for changing this boy's destiny and for sharing this adorable photo of your soft, sweet, handsome guy. It matters. What we do together matters!

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