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NBRF Pupdate - Willow (Joy)

Updated: Mar 18

"Willow (formerly Joy) was one of the 5 that came out of Reno in May 2022. She weighed just 50 lbs. One year later she's a totally different dog! After a dental treatment, a spay, and eye growths removed, she now weighs 78 lbs.

Most encouraging is her trust in her new home. Until recently she would hardly leave her bed unless leashed. Now she walks around the house, begs for treats with the other dogs and will even walk up to the pond on her own, unleashed!

 She loves lounging at the pool in the summer & today was basking in a pile of snow. Her heated bed on the porch is one of her favorite spots.

She’s definitely the matriarch of the bunch & keeps Lucca, a year old scotch collie toeing the line. Living like she should be now, part of the family."

This update makes our hearts sing!! Thank you Linda and family for opening your hearts and home to this deserving soul. Congratulations Willow, you are livin' the dream!!


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