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NBRF Pupdate - Voodoo

Updated: Feb 27

"Voodoo has been doing really well since being neutered. He can now go to work with me and participate in daycare which he seems to enjoy, and of course everyone adores him.

Unfortunately at home we lost 2 of his older pack mates in the last few months, so he has only had small dogs that aren't interested in playing. We remedied that last weekend when we added a 5 month old whippet to the pack, and they are quickly becoming fast friends.

I've attached a recent photo of Voodoo enjoying the fall weather, and one of him with his new brother Zorro.

Thank you again for entrusting me with this loveable goofball."

It is wonderful to see Voodoo and hear how well he is doing!! Thank you Dr Aaron and family for giving this boy an amazing life... and a puppy!! What more could a young Borzoi boy ask for?!


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