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NBRF Pupdate - Stormy and Finn

Updated: Mar 18

For all you Stormy and Finn fans - we remember where you came from and can't help but marvel at the difference!! THIS!! This is what 18 months of healing, care and love have done for these two sweet boys. This is NBRF rescue!  Thank you, Michelle and David for changing their lives!

"Stormy and Finn are doing wonderfully. They are happy, healthy, and spoiled! They bring a lot of love and joy to our family, so much so that my kids, three of which live out of state, call and always say how much they miss them and how they can't wait to visit so they can see them, not mom but the boys and our girl borzoi, Marina.

Stormy is a big boy who loves attention (especially from my husband) and will whine when he wants a little extra loving. He loves to play with Finn and Marina. He has become much less food-aggressive and now only needs to be kept under close watch when treats are involved. This is a big improvement and allows the other dogs to be less tentative during mealtime. He enjoys lying around as much as being outside, and when the leash comes out for a walk, he can barely control his enthusiasm! There are many squirrels in our neighborhood so walks are very exciting.

Finn is a skinny guy who eats like a horse! He is the silliest one and makes us laugh daily! He still likes to hop like a kangaroo when he is excited, he moos like a cow when resting, and belches like no other. He loves toys!! The louder the squeak, the better. He loves to snuggle and enjoys lots of love.

Besides toys, Finn has a love of squirrel-watching and chasing and has gotten into a scuffle with one who taunts the dogs from a tree and made the mistake of misjudging his step and was caught by Finn. Both survived surprisingly. These dogs are truly family and the best of friends. They have made our lives better, and hopefully, they feel the same about us. I am pretty sure they do. Thanks for the privilege of having them in our family."

Thank YOU, Michelle and David for changing their lives! And to all the NBRF volunteers, adopters and supporters who make our mission possible, thank you! It matters ❤️


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