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NBRF Pupdate - Niko

Updated: Feb 12

There is no doubt that Borzoi bring out the best in us. Their joy is ours, the shared love fills our hearts, their beauty that takes our breath. To watch a Borzoi puppy grow is truly one of life’s miracles.

Baby Boy/Niko - When we first met him in late August. He was literally at death’s door; a twelve week old pup who weighed just 7.7 pounds. His medical records read like a book of pain and sorrow; moribund (at the point of death), vomiting hookworms, pancreatitis, anemia, lymphopenia (a product of malnutrition), worms in loose bloody feces, IVs, transfusions, heavy medications, supplemental oxygen, intensive care.

Known as “Baby Boy” he captivated the Borzoi community’s collective heart. We said our prayers, sent white light and love across the miles, holding on to no more than hope for this little one. His photos, his first steps, his miraculous recovery are indelibly etched in our memories.

Niko “victory of the people” turned 7 months old December 13th and now weighs 55 pounds. He is an inquisitive, super smart, chewy, playful, sweet puppy and he is anything but ordinary. He retains the determination and extraordinary resilience that enabled him to survive. He learns quickly and lives with the enthusiasm of a healthy Borzoi puppy.

Best friend and big brother Rudy continues to teach him the way of Borzoi and Niko has picked up a few tricks of his own that include claiming as many of Rudy’s previous spots as possible. There is love in abundance for this special boy and he is thriving under the expert guidance of his family. His bones are strong, his coat glossy and satiny soft. He enjoys homemade treats, veggies, playing, stick collecting and cuddling.

Niko’s is a story that could have gone either way. From the first phone call and foster home to his current state of cuteness, NBRF’s network of support was instrumental in his survival.

Thank you Edna and Fred for opening your hearts and home to this special puppy and to the dedicated team of volunteers who are always willing to say “Yes I can” when the call comes in. Long may you run, Little One ❤️


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