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NBRF Pupdate - Mishka

Mishka had literally no chance of surviving the circumstance where she was found.

"We got her when she was a little over 2 years old. She had had several litters of puppies and had a litter when she was rescued along with 26 other borzoi in May of 2000. The day I met her I cried my eyes out. I couldn’t believe the cruelty she had been exposed to; starved and beaten the dogs were apparently locked in the house for several months, dog feces throughout the house was feet deep.

She came home to Delaware with us and was babied and spoiled the rest of her life. She was so sweet and understood that she had it made in the shade. She lived with 2 other Borzoi, 2 Irish Wolfhounds and 2 Standard Poodles. Never had a dog that evoked so much tenderness from my heart. It took almost 2 years to get her completely healthy. She never liked going to the vet so my husband would lug her 90 pound tail into their office. She did not want to walk on a leash in there. My vets treated her like royalty. She had a wonderful life and raised all the pups I brought in after her. She was especially close to our IW girl Chloe-Angel. And Mishka grinned. She’d raise the side of her lip up. Mishka died on December 17th, 2008.

I still miss her. Her picture hangs in my bedroom. I look at her every night and I miss her."

The West Virginia rescue was one of the most horrific scenes in NBRF's history. Thank you Kathy for sharing this story of survival; of loving your girl and giving her the wonderful life that she deserved.

Let us never forget those that came before.


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