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NBRF Pupdate - Lara

We can all agree that Borzoi are empathetic but it takes a very dedicated team that allows for them to share that magic professionally. Meet NBRF rescue, Lara and her partner/Dad Bart. Lara is a registered therapy dog with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. It is an earned title that she and Bart worked very hard to achieve.

Together they take part in "Take5 to Stay Paws-itive" at both the University of Reno and the Incline Village Campus in Lake Tahoe.

When the therapy dogs arrive at the schools, the students' focus and interaction turns to the dogs. The stress and sadness of being away from their families and the rigors of studies is forgotten in the comfort of a warm, soft, hug. Twice a month for 2 hour shifts they visit both UNR and Incline.

Their work also extends to the Military Animal Project at the VA hospital - the MAP organization offers services to veterans such as their Veteran Canine Programs, Veteran Pet Support Program and visits by Certified Therapy Dog Teams. Many of the vets are homeless and at one time had a pet. Filling that void if only for a short time, therapy teams bring back good memories, shared kindness, and positively impact the lives of veterans with their visits. it is a very special endeavor that the veterans truly love.

Therapy dogs and their guardians work together as a team to improve the lives of other people and we are Borzoi Proud of this team!! Thank you Bart and Lara for giving so much of yourselves to be this amazing force for good!


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