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NBRF Pupdate - Goose

Hi Everybody!

Goose here! You might remember me. I was an NBRF adoption poster boy back in February who found a new family in North Carolina. At that time I was almost blind from cataracts, but thanks to NBRF I was able to have eye surgery that gave me back my sight! It’s changed my life! I now go walking every day with my greyhound brother and borzoi sister on the American Tobacco trail. I meet all kinds of people who say they’ve never seen a dog like me - I’m a celebrity! I love to sing, especially to the Star Trek theme song and opera on Spotify! And I remind my mom to give me my eye drops every morning.

I’m loving my new life! Thank you NBRF for giving me my sight back!

Goose (AKA Gustav)

We love you, Goose! Thank you so much for the wonderful update!! Give your Mom, Lorie, nose bumps and leans from us. We are so happy for you and your special family!!


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