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NBRF Pupdate - Ava

Ava was bounced around a LOT as a young dog, in and out of 2 - 3 homes in her first 18 months. There was no one dedicated to what was best for her until NBRF stepped in. It's now been 5 years of unconditional love from her amazing forever family extraordinaire! Five years of comfort and security, experiencing life to the fullest!

"Ava is doing phenomenal! She remains the best dog that will ever live and certainly the most perfect dog that I'll ever own. She's retired from agility and (probably) racing now due to some physical concerns with high-impact sports.

She has been an amazing big sister to her new Borzoi sister Fred and she still adores her Borzoi brother Dwyer  She spends her days playing with her siblings, coming to work with me, hogging the bed, and taste testing all my food "

We can feel the love, Megan!! She landed in the perfect home. Thank you for giving this girl the life she so deserved!! This is what rescue is all about


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