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NBRF - International Rescue - Yari

"One year with Yari although it feels longer - we can't imagine life without him. We are grateful for each and every person who had a hand in placing Yari into our home.

Edna who reviewed our application and spoke to us regarding the adoption process/best fit. The Wenden family who did our Home Visit and answered our questions about day to day life with a Zoi. Liz, fostering Yari, who spoke honestly and openly about his initial struggles adjusting to a new setting in his first few weeks. I appreciated her candor which helped us understand his personality and struggles prior to coming to us. We are so appreciative of the patience she showed Yari while he was trying to make sense of so many changes.

Yari was extremely nervous in our home once Liz said her goodbyes. He took about an hour of distance before he came up to us, ever so gently asking for attention. Since then he has been attached to our sides. There is rarely a day when we are out and about where we are not asked for a photo or asked what kind of dog he is.

To know a borzoi is to love one! Yari is calm and quiet with the occasional bursts of energy or demands for attention. He is gentle. One of his best friends is my in laws 10 lb dog. While they are an unlikely pair, somehow it works.

Yari's favorite things are being brushed, backyard zoomies, a comfy place to nap, either on his bean bag or leather chair and lotttsssss of attention!"

Yari had a lot to overcome and he needed the right family to guide him along. When NBRF says that we look for people for our dogs - THIS is what we mean! Fate, divine intervention, Borzoi kismet... Call it what you will - Kate, Dave and Yari - you were meant to be together! What a beautiful love story ❤️ Thank you making his dreams come true!



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