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NBRF - International Pupdate - Bill and Bob

Updated: Jun 30

NBRF - International rescues Bill and Bob were brought to the U.S. from South Korea in August of 2018. At that moment everything changed for them. There would be no struggle to survive. They would not be cast aside... or worse. They would share in the love of family. They would thrive, living life to the fullest.

 "After living in California for two years, we traded the beaches for the mountains and moved to Colorado! We enjoy spending our time exploring the forest and swimming in lakes. The boys are always ready to hop in the jeep and go on an adventure! We have come a long way since they were first picked up from LAX. Both the boys were very scared of everything once they first arrived, but now are total lovers. Bob is a showboat now and Bill will give you a shy smile when he is excited.

I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to rescue with NBRF. My boys and I have grown so much and learned so much together, I cannot imagine it any other way! We were meant for each other. Thank you NBRF!"

Thank you, Aspen, for giving these two special boys their Happily Ever Afters! This is rescue at its finest!!


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