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NBRF - International Rescue - Peaches

Seven years ago this month word came from NBRF’s partners in Russia. A shelter had picked up what was thought to be a young Borzoi and her three puppies off the street. The puppies medical bills were paid by NBRF and found homes in Russia. NBRF continued with the responsibility for Mama.

But Peaches was no ordinary rescue. This little girl was a capable escape artist. She scaled a solid wall to leave the shelter. A foster home was found for her and she left there too! They got her back and put her where she could not get out but it was obvious that the arrangement wasn’t going to last. A video showed quite clearly that Peach had no use for her foster.

Peaches’ flight skills were made even more extraordinary by the state of her right front leg. It was believed to be a birth defect that so deformed her leg. How she was able to function as she did was extraordinary.

She arrived to her foster home in the U.S. after being spayed and vaccinated in Russia. She was given time to settle and then had the necessary surgery to amputate the damaged leg.

When Peaches was fully recovered it was time to begin the search for her forever home. She got along with small dogs and the other Borzoi in the foster home with no problem. She fit right in and it did not take long to see that her previous pattern of fleeing was no longer an issue. She decided she didn’t need to leave. Despite the fact that she was being fostered, Peaches considered herself home. And as fate would have it, Peaches’ foster home became her forever home and her dreams came true. Peaches is now nine years old and has been living her Happily Ever After for almost 5 years now.

“She is spoiled rotten!!  She loves massages on her shoulder and leg, FOOD, but we are careful to keep her weight down.  She also loves laying on our laps. She will lay between both of us so she can be pet and adored by both of us at the same time. She also loves laying on her cushions on the deck in the sun. She adores my husband and he adores her.

She has slowed down some in that she chooses to chase squirrels when she feels like chasing something and ignores them otherwise. She has actually changed very little emotionally since we got her. She came to me knowing who she was, what she was about and really no insecurities. We immediately hit it off and she immediately was part of the pack. Took her a little longer to fall in love with my husband but now she absolutely adores him. When we lost our beautiful matriarch, Jane, she just stepped into her paw prints.

Peaches is one amazing little bundle of love. She is smart as a whip and knows she is very much loved.”

What a wonderful story!! From street urchin to owning her life of luxury, Peaches is an inspiration! Thank you, Carol and Tom for changing her life; for giving her the best of the best and a fabulous Happily Ever After.

THIS is what matters. THIS is RESCUE!!



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