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NBRF - International Rescue - Ella/Destiny

She was found in the most horrific circumstance possible; a China meat market. It is never easy to extricate a dog from that situation but as evidenced here, worth every effort to make it happen. Happy 6th year of your Happily Ever After, Ella!!

"Ella formerly Destiny is living her best life. She is around 10 years old and just passed her geriatric screening with flying colors. She had all of her teeth removed last year as they had deteriorated pretty drastically. The doctor said she would feel so much better and he was right.

She is a happy bouncy girl that goes on a 2 mile walk almost ever day and she loves those walks. She has 2 Saluki siblings but she is definitely the matriarch of our pack. From meat trade survivor to spoiled rotten. I will forever be grateful to NBRF for the opportunity to be her mama."

We are delighted to hear this wonderful update! Ella is just as beautiful as ever and hasn't aged a bit. Thank you, Celeste and family for giving your girl an amazing life full of love and joy! We could not be any happier for all of you 🩷




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