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NBRF - International Pupdate - Zorya

"What a difference a year of love makes! When Zorya (then Zoya) came to the US from Russia, she was dangerously underweight, so stressed she couldn't keep food down, and terrified of people. When she first got home, she didn't leave her crate for three days, and would only eat or drink when the lights were out and no one was in the room.

Slowly, with big brother Silver's confident calm as a guide, Zorya came to trust that she really was in a place where she wouldn't get hit, yelled at, or chased. Four months after she came home, Zorya was back up to full weight and had transitioned from eating a raw diet to canned and dry food. Six months in, she was willing to sleep on a little bed in the corner as well as her crate. Nine months in, and mom's bed became her new favorite spot. Now, a full year later, Zorya comes downstairs on her own and always gets the best spot on the couch!

Though she's still tiny, at only 57 pounds, Zorya is a happy, cuddly girl who knows she's the princess of the house. She loves wearing sweaters! Her favorite spots are the couch, mom's pillow, and the top of the stairs outside, where she can watch the deer and foxes in the woods out back. Her favorite treats are dried chicken hearts, which she'll eat the moment you set them down. Unlike Silver, who sleeps in a classic borzoi sprawl, Zorya likes to sleep folded up like a jackknife.

We can't wait to see what this next year brings for her!"

What a WONDERFUL update from an AMAZING family!! We are absolutely thrilled that this precious little girl has found her Happily Ever After! Thank you Natasha for your patience and dedication. You are the perfect home for this deserving girl


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