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NBRF - International Pupdate - Yari

Not all wounds are visible.

Yari is a refugee. He and his family - both human and Borzoi - evacuated to Poland when their homeland in Ukraine became unsafe. The difficulties of beginning again, even with the help of NBRF-International/Ukraine proved to be too much for the family; Yari and others from his pack were surrendered to NBRF to ensure that they would know a life of peace and stability. It was another huge upheaval to deal with as they made the long journey to the U.S.

Trauma manifests itself in many different ways. It is personal and at times irrational. For a couple of the dogs, it was to be shy and reserved, another wanted to be touched. Yari processed his emotions by acting out. He had to be isolated (in a large paddock) after attacking one of the other rescues he had traveled with and a resident dog at his foster home. He tore up three different chain-link panels. He was becoming nearly impossible to keep contained… He dug massive holes and threw tantrums. He was a young boy, unsure of himself and his surroundings with emotional issues tending toward destructive behavior.

With routine and discipline Yari began to settle into his new surroundings. Enough so that the process of matching him to his forever home began. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was meant to be, maybe they were just who he was waiting for all along because from the moment this boy was united with Kate and Dave, he WAS home and became a different dog!

“We are so grateful to be his chosen home - our family and friends have absolutely fallen in love with him (like us). He is calm, sweet, sometimes sassy, and playful. If you aren’t giving him enough attention, he will plop his head down on you and will move his head back and forth until he’s satisfied. He has also learned how to knock your phone in your lap if he’s demanding you attention at that time - I can’t help but laugh!

His favorite things include peanut butter treats, peanut butter-filled Kong hide and seek puzzle toys (his favorite is a plush trash can filled with stuffed raccoons he gets to pull out one by one), his personal beanbag, drives in the car, long walks, and our backyard (sometimes prefers zoomies, sometime prefers just lounging outside).”

We are so grateful to you Kate and Dave for being just who this young Zoi needed!!

They deserve a chance. A chance to work through the baggage, the trauma, the past. Each of them deserves to be happy: to have wonderful lives, to share their special magic and bring as much joy to their people as we hope for them.

With a network of caring people across the globe, NBRF volunteers were able to safely evacuate and eventually relocate Yari among others. Fosters who evaluate and ready a dog for the next step. Forever homes awaiting their match. Donors who pay the bills. What does it take to successfully complete a mission such as this? To give them their chance? Everything! What does it mean to know that these Borzoi will have wonderful lives, safe and loved? Everything!

Welcome home good boy!


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