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NBRF - International Pupdate - Rufus/Mr Bingley

There are few among us who have not felt the pain of losing someone close. Sadly, Mr Bingley (formerly Rufus from Russia) was slow to come back after losing his forever home pack-mate just as he was beginning to feel secure for the first time in his life.

“After Altair died, Bingley got more fearful. He didn’t want to eat or play and only slowly came out of it. It was a sad time for us both.

But then the stars aligned and together we set off on a road trip to pick up a new addition to our family. Early on Bingley was not sure what was going on and feared he might be left somewhere. And then they met: Mr Bingley and our beautiful new girl. They were meant to be!

We stayed at a friend's house along the way home for an extra day of rest. After being outside separately, Bingley greeted her with his tail wagging like crazy and then her tail wagged like crazy and they ran to each other and touched noses. Bingley was so glad she came back! And she was so glad to be back! They snuggled on the hotel bed. And I knew - they had bonded!

 After being so abused Bingley may never be a people person kind of dog but he’s safe and happy and I let him just be the doggy wants to be. He has a very sweet disposition and is a real snuggler. He gets along with the deer just fine; so gentle that a baby even tried to play with him through the fence.

He seems much happier already and more secure with his new friend.

Bingley will let me know if there is something outside that I should be aware of. He barks - just once. She on the other hand is quite vocal! She lets me know when she’s hungry by talking, when she has to go potty by talking, or when she’s not getting enough pets and attention by talking. When I sing to her, she sings with me (or she’s just telling me to be quiet, hahaha!). Her new surroundings and backyard are very interesting and she seems to like the 5” of snow in the yard.

Together we are family, safe and secure. We have much more to learn about each other but for now, we move forward with the promise that you will never again be abandoned sweet girl or abused my dear boy and you WILL have a fitting new name Miss ….”

Dear Kathy, thank you for sharing this amazing story of love. Fate brought you all together and we know that Altair is watching over you with a smile in his heart. Long may you live Happily Ever After!


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