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NBRF - International Pupdate - Roxy/Sofia and Huxley/Teddy

It is impossible to come across a story such as this without feeling their pain in our soul. They are why we do what we do. To not turn away but to step up and make their world a better place, no matter the cost. There was nothing simple or easy about this rescue but the caring, kind people of two continents supporting Borzoi in need pulled it off.

Roxy/Sofia and Huxley/Teddy

Their story was a graphic reminder of the suffering endured by many, a particularly difficult picture of abject neglect. Theirs is also a story of moving beyond the hurt; the capacity to live for the now.

It has been mere months since NBRF - International was made aware of two Borzoi in horrible condition located in South Korea. But this time the all too familiar test of our network came with a twist. These Borzoi were from the U.S., sent overseas as young dogs, far from help.

Huxley was in terrible condition, covered in parasites, Roxy was far worse. In and out of the ICU for internal bleeding and infection due to giving birth to a litter of dead puppies, she was not strong enough to even feed herself for days. Both were diagnosed with stage 3 heart worm.

In early October Huxley was able to make the journey to the U.S., Roxy was strong enough to follow by mid month. Since then, virtually everything about their previous lives has changed. Huxley and Roxy, now known as Teddy and Sofia are still together, living in the paradise that is Southern California with a family devoted to their comfort and happiness.

“Sofia loves her bed and blankets, a real snuggler for sure. Teddy is our resident goofball who loves to run and jump and both are big fans of food! The pasture, the sunroom, the house, the yard, our hearts… It is all theirs.”

Being medically monitored as they continue heart worm treatment is the remaining physical reminder of their struggles to survive. Sofia’s fur is growing back after having been shaved due to the parasites and her injured tail has healed. They enjoy the here and now, living as they deserved to all along; happy, content, well loved Borzoi. A picture may be worth a thousand words but we think the contrast in their before and after photos is priceless!

Thank you to the amazing family who has given their all to change the lives of this dear pair who have been through so much together!


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