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NBRF - International Pupdate - Atos/Ortrada & Portos/Nikolai

Updated: Mar 18

It was three years ago this month that NBRF - International pledged to help the Musketeers get from Kamchatka, Russia to the U.S. It took months of planning and travel. You see Kamchatka is in such a remote region that it is actually closer to Alaska than Moscow. Two brothers and their sire were in a terrible position. The brothers Atos, now known as Ortrada and Portos, whose name is Nikolai were and are very close, bonded by their beginnings. Today they live their Happily Ever Afters with a forever family whose love and dedication has brought out the the best in these special brothers.

"When they first arrived, they were very skittish. Afraid of toys and loud noises. If you raised you arm to throw a ball they would bolt. Now, they are so trusting, and confident that they are home and loved that they have literally blossomed. They love playing with Marcus ..our Swiss Shepherd Husky mix. He is their favorite toy.

The back yard is a 3/4 acre dog park. With a 6ft fence, it's where they do their zooming. Never left outside without me, we have 3 - 1 hour play periods together and then a 20 to 30 minute walk. They have queen size beds and sleep with me in mine.

They are WONDERFUL PUPS, playful, sweet and two of the biggest cuddle bugs ever. We cannot imagine life without them."

Thank you Garrett and Nancy for giving them your best! We hear the love in your voices and this wonderful update makes our hearts sing!


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