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NBRF Pupdate - Rue Rue

Updated: Jun 30

The queen has her 14th birthday by royal decree!!

"Since she doesn't know her exact birthday Queen Rue decided to take a page from Queen Elizabeth and pick one by royal decree!

She came to Castle Lamplight six months ago (August 2023) at age 13 so she knows she is between 13 1/2 and 14. It was decided that Valentine's Day was an auspicious day and it was selected.

To celebrate, serf Dad made a delicious beef liver and chicken brownie cake!

Here she is inspecting her beef liver and chicken brownie cake, giving it the sniff test and enjoying a slice.

The last pic is of her making an inspection of the castle grounds with princes Matt and Ravel (head coming in right of frame) making sure the evil commandant squirrel does not harass the queen."

Happy Birthday Queen Rue Rue!! Long may you rule wisely over your kingdom. Thank you Ken and family for making this beautiful girl's golden years truly hers. She deserved the best and she has it with you! All hail the QUEEN!!


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