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NBRF Pupdate - Brienne and James

Updated: Apr 5

We know that Brienne and James had been in some scary and traumatic situations before rescue but only the dogs know the true toll it took on their lives. NBRF is grateful beyond measure to the volunteers and families who stepped up for Brienne, James and the multitude of other Borzoi in what was a complicated, risky endeavor. Your dedication changed their lives

 "Brienne is James’s mother. We have nicknamed her the “Mama-Dog”. She has really come out of her shell and developed into a quiet, thoughtful and very loving dog since arriving. When she first arrived she was very frightened, so much so that she escaped and when she was brought back tried to escape again. Fortunately, she is now calm and confident at home. She insists on lying under the dinner table during meals, although we keep trying to convince her that she simply does not fit! She typically has her head on someone's feet! She loves it there.

She has filled out and now has a beautiful long coat. When she first came we could feel every bone in her spine. She has an affinity for sleeping on our bed when we are not there, which is hilarious as she takes up the whole bed. She is a beautiful girl and a joy to be around.

James is a scamp and a complete joker. We always know that if something goes missing in the house James is probably behind it. He has earned the nickname “Mutt-Face”. Like Brienne he is very loving and insists on being around the family. He will follow me from room to room.

He is a “leaner”, as he will stand beside a family member and lean into them to ensure maximum contact. He loves going on walks, running around the garden and woofing at passersby. Like his mom he is adorable and a fabulous addition to the family."

What a fantastic update!! Thank you Abigail and Jason for giving these two beautiful souls their Happily Ever Afters!


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