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Maksym was found lost and alone on the streets of Ukraine after being hit by a car. His left, front leg was broken. It is unknown how long he had been surviving on his own. His stomach was full of bones and bad food. His former human was found but he did not want him. “He is of no use to me anymore, if he comes back here I will shoot him.” It is the brutal truth of where this young boy came from.

A local rescue group - at their expense - took him through surgery and post op to repair his leg enough to ensure that he was stable to travel. His quarantine and NBRF’s presence in his life began in Poland.

It has been many months since NBRF - International first became aware of Maksym’s story and need. Circumstances beyond our control kept us on the sidelines during his surgery and post-op and his leg has not healed properly. The leg is bowed and very thick. 


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Maksym was welcomed to the U.S. in early March and the full extent of his medical condition is just becoming apparent. Poor quality of food and neglect has resulted in dental disease beyond what any three year old should be dealing with.

He was described by his foster family in Poland as a velcro dog who wanted the security of being near a human. The fact that he is blind may be why. Only after arriving to his U.S. foster home did this become apparent; NBRF was not informed of this condition previously. Whether from birth or the trauma of being hit by a car, it is unknown.

Maksym will be seen by an orthopedic specialist for his leg. He will also have his skull x-rayed to assess damage and be seen by an ophthalmologist for further evaluation.

Why does NBRF - International take on this responsibility? Why does Maksym matter? Because we value his life. We value all of their lives. We value their joy, their love, their smiles, their leans. We are the better for having known and loved each of them; they complete our lives.

In spite of his injuries and difficulties Maksym is a happy loving boy that constantly wags his tail and smiles, YES he is a smiler! He has the attitude of a champion, embracing life and his second chance with joy. He is our inspiration and the reason NBRF exists. After having been through hell this sweet boy deserves his Happily Ever After.

With your help, NBRF - International wants to give him just that. He deserves to experience joy and a soft touch, to give and receive unconditional love, to know that he is safe, protected and content. He deserves health and a good life and that is going to require a significant amount of money.

Please… we cannot do this alone. We are the vehicle, our supporters are the fuel. Let’s do this together, let’s change another life! Donate, share, tell his story. It matters!


Thank you.

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Worth a thousand words, these most recent photos of Maksym tell a story of his inspiring resilience and the miracle that he is still alive.

There is an indent on the top of his head where his skull was caved in by the car. It has healed in place. Maksym is completely blind in one eye and can see only the difference between light and dark in the other but no clear images. There is no way to regain or improve his eyesight: it is permanent damage from the skull injury.

The leg bone that was broken is infected and there is an abscess on that leg. It is not responding well to antibiotics at this point and needs to be cultured. Physical therapy for a retracted tendon in that leg has already begun and is showing signs of improvement.

He has oral abscesses and his dental will require extractions. How many and to what extent will be determined during the surgery. He will also be neutered at that time.

This darling boy needs positive energy and light sent his way. The bone infection in particular is very concerning. With initial vet costs and transportation coming in at over $4,300 and bills for the coming dental and neuter yet to be added to that amount, he needs your financial support as well.


One look at the joy on his face, his love for life despite the difficulties he continues to experience says it all. Maksym is worth it!! He is worth doing everything we can to ensure a wonderful life!!

Please give Maksym a paw forward. A little or a lot, every dollar matters. Donate, share his story and keep the good energy coming. He still has a long road ahead.


Maksym's dental and neuter did not go off without an issue. He had just one molar removed which was great news but the neuter was more complicated. He has 3 incision sites underneath him… One in the abdomen/groin, one in the inguinal area, as well, as one in the testicle… That was all due to looking for the missing testicle, which they never found!


The infection in Maksym's leg bone is MRSA - an antibiotic resistant infection - which is not good news. Both the infection and the treatment for it are serious. He begun an 8 week course of heavy antibiotics before having the leg cultured again. He will likely be on more medication afterward. Please keep this sweet boy in your thoughts.

Donations to help offset this priceless young boy's bills are still being gratefully accepted.

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