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Zora came into rescue when a Borzoi owner in Florida saw an ad on Craig’s list for someone selling puppies that were cross Borzoi/Corgi mixes! She contacted the person on Craig’s list and was able to persuade her to sell her the mother. She then contacted NBRF and turned Zora into Rescue. She was approximately 8 years old, had just had an oops litter of puppies, spent most of her time locked in a shed and was not well socialized and afraid of everything. She had spent all of her life in Florida, but had a severe allergy to fleas and her skin was in bad shape, so it was decided that she needed to move to a cooler climate. After several months of TLC, she was ready to move and fortunately had a ride to Colorado and I met her there. She was fascinated with the snow when we took her up on top of the mountain, but when she actually had to go out in it daily she was not impressed – a Florida girl through and through. She was just starting to come out of her shell when she was diagnosed with cancer. Mostly she stayed on her beloved couch and would accept love from you and give some back if you went to her, but she was never comfortable with other people, although she was very accepting of the various fosters that came through and of course her dog sister and the cats. She was a sweet girl who gave what she could after a horrible early life and I was grateful for every bit. I miss her presence every day. Vicki Stone

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