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Zeus/Regal Zeus

I got Kevin, then named him Zeus….he was emaciated (72 lbs) and gentle boy, and grew to a healthy 90 lbs. I had recently adopted a Great Pyrenees who was about the same age. They grew to be great friends, and both Poseidon and I mourned him…and still do. It was August 8th 2018. He awoke me at 2 am to go out. When he came back, he was in distress. I took him to a nearby all night, where the performed a “ bloat procedure “. But they were not open after 9 am. I took him to his regular Vet…after several shuffles, he came home. He was weak, and was not eating….finally, I took him to the Blue Pearl Specialist… they treated him but he had a heart attack the next day.
He was a great boy, and got along with people, and most dogs…but not a fan of cats! He was my third Borzoi….he had just had his 7th birthday. Although it cost me about $12000, I would do it again. Larry Thompson

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